Kenya has been known mainly for its coffee and tea exports. However, over the last decade, Kenya, a mainly agricultural country has recorded increased growth in farm produce. This is due to increased awareness to health and fitness around the world, and where better to get fresh, nutritious and disease free fresh vegetables. This country has the richest soil and most conducive climate for vegetable growth, this side of the Sahara.

Now, have you also been very conscious about your health lately? You need not look further, Selina Wamucii brings you the healthiest kenya fresh vegetables right from the garden. Wherever you want them in markets and dining plates. You need not worry about chemicals in your diet anymore or the nutrient deficiency in your veggies anymore. Our standards and principles read like organic, and we remain true to organic.

Green vegetables are the most common in the Kenya including spinach, cabbages, broccoli, spruce, green grams and kale; all are rich in vitamins and crucial nutrients. Selina Wamucii offers a wide range of produce from the five types of vegetables. The root crops i.e. beet root, carrots and turnip. The leguminous bunch are also available, thess include ground nuts, beans, soya beans and the Selina special, peas. Various other vegetables include, but are not limited to winged beans, tindori, papri, Siragwa, turia, french beans and cauliflower. We also have the common place vegetables e.g. chili, tomatoes, mushroom and onions.

Selina Wamucii is committed to bringing you timely delivery, food safety and guaranteed freshness of all vegetables exported. Our professional and competent team is capable, thanks to intense training over several years.

Now is time to do away with those sprinkled, over ripe and dry vegetables. Instead fill your fruit baskets with healthy, naturally grown vegetables.

Look around. In the world today, the list of what we can control is growing ever growing thin. But we can do something that turns out to be the most important. The most important thing we can control, is our bodies. Selina Wamucii guides and supports the journey to longevity, providing the world with what it needs most; health. So please come join us. Order our fresh vegetables and invite that elusive peace of mind that comes only when you know you have the right vegetables.