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We provide high-quality Uganda green peas to the local and export market. We source our Uganda green peas from family growers in the country.

Uganda green peas refer to the tiny round seeds of the Pisum sativum species. They are made up of pods in which green or yellow seeds thrive. They are a necessary source of nutrition especially in Uganda where they form a part of any starchy diet. They are a common sight in homemade soups and stews from Kampala to Karamoja. Some of the farmers in areas like Masaka, a major producing district, are turning from common beans to peas or sometimes inter cropping them to complement harvesting periods.

At 66 percent of the daily value, green peas provide the body with vital nutrition for disease prevention. The iron content in the plants is about 8 percent of the daily value which not only boosts brain function but prevents chronic diseases. The level of magnesium for aiding in bone structure formation is 8 percent of the daily needs. For people in need of vitamin A content, these plants provide about 15 percent of the body’s daily requirements. You will also obtain 10 percent of vitamin B-6 needs in the body courtesy of these tiny peas.  In Uganda’s Kansanga, some beauty therapists use the pounded paste of the pea to produce a facial that averts aging.

We source our Uganda supplies of green peas from Masaka district located on the western side of Lake Victoria -central region of the country. Many of the growers of the crop usually present their per-kilo measured peas to the food retail venue at Nakawa Market for the sale of the produce. On our part, we have formed contracts with family growers who offer us the produce in time from their two-acre pieces of land.

We harvest Uganda green peas when they are mature from the 58th or 74th day after planting onward. We pick the peas when the pods have attained around and bloated appearance. The seeds acquire a green or yellow appearance inside the pods depending on the cultivar. We make at least one picking each seven days until we have exhausted the harvest. Our trained workers pluck each pod by hand without threshing the peas. They repeat the process each three to five days to ensure that the rest have matured.

We pack Uganda green peas while they are still in their hulls in 6.8-kilo pea boxes. They are also available in the half bushel boxes. They also come in baskets with a capacity for 14 kilos worth of the produce. For every package, we feature film wrappings to conserve moisture and also inject top-ice for keeping them in a cool condition.

We store Uganda green peas at temperatures between 0° and 2° Celsius. We preserve them at high humid conditions of 90 minimum and 98 percent maximum. We then transport the produce under modified temperature conditions inside our special delivery vehicles. After the fast transit to the Entebbe airport, you can expect the produce to reach you in as little as two days.

We are therefore your number one supplier of high-quality green peas from the heart of the Pearl of Africa. We source Uganda green peas from the south-central part of the country where farmers grow them under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms. It is also possible to avail the produce in large quantities because the peas are available all year round through irrigation. We keep the prices at their lowest which means that we align them with your budget. Make your order today!




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