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We provide high-quality Uganda chestnuts to the local and export market. We source our Uganda chestnuts from family growers in the country.

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Uganda chestnut belongs to the Castanea genus of plants whose origin is the Black Sea in Eastern Europe. The nuts hide inside a husk that when ripe split to show off at least one or three fruits inside. The appearance of the fruit is that of a scarlet or brownish outer layer that covers the thin-skinned white nut. The most distinctive part of the fruit is its bottom part, which has a light shade as opposed to the uniform color of the rest of the skin. These nuts come with a total content of 1 to 2 percent of the oil.

Eating chestnuts provide the body with high vitamin C content worth 44 percent of the daily value. The electrolyte-balancing potassium follows this at 20 percent of the daily value. Though the nut has little calcium content at 4 percent of the daily value, this is compensated by the bone-strengthening magnesium proportion of 13 percent of the daily needs. The health benefits of these nuts include maintaining cardiac health and offering bodily energy.

We source chestnuts from a few districts of Western Uganda’s rainforest, especially Kabale, popular for its primate wildlife and lush vegetation. Here, family growers who own less than two acres of land cultivate the nuts under organic conditions. Rather than using fertilizer, they opt for farmyard manure which makes their nuts natural in quality.

We harvest Uganda chestnuts when they have reached a ripened age upon which they fall after splitting from the husks. Our produce agents guide workers to use ladders to shake down unfilled fruits whose husks have attained a shade of brown. They then transfer them to the drying shed awaiting packing.

After harvesting, we place the chestnuts in full sun to dry and hence discourage the formation of mold. We do not process the fruits any further as most international buyers accept the dry fruits and do the processing of the nuts abroad. After sorting the seeds with perfect shapes, blemish-free skin and ones that are well-dried, we ready them for packing. We cull any mold-infected seeds.

We pack Uganda chestnuts in vacuum packets or tight PET cans at the range of 10 to 11 kilograms per package.  We also offer them in poly sacks that have undergone interior vacuum sealing with food-safe carbon dioxide. We also have airtight drums that transport them in bulk after sun-drying.

We store Uganda chestnuts at a freezing point which gives them a storage period of 24 weeks.  We also have a longer storage option of 52 weeks at the temperature range of -3 to 0° Celsius. This is under the medium relative humidity of 65 to 75 percent which ensures the fruits are always dry.

We transport Uganda chestnuts under the same temperatures of around zero degrees Celsius inside our special produce trucks. We convey them to the airport in Entebbe the same day as the packing date. This means that you can avail the package in as little as one to two days depending on your city’s location.

In short, you now have a caring partner who provides high-quality Uganda chestnuts right from the farmers’ legume fields. Due to the strict nature on moisture removal in the international market, we are committed to keeping the nuts well processed with a high level of dryness. You also obtain the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers in the country. You can start by requesting for any quantity through a pre-order and we will sort out the total tonnage on the due date. Furthermore, our fair prices usually reflect you budgetary allocation. For this and more reason you should make an order today!

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