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We provide high-quality Uganda graviolas to the local and export market. We source our Uganda graviolas from family growers in the country.

Uganda graviola (Annona muricata) whose other popular names are soursop and Brazilian paw paw, is one of the evergreen fruit flora in tropical forestlands especially Africa. No one knows the particular place the tree came from but knowledge points to Latin America as a candidate as the tree is well distributed there. As a relatively uncommon fruit in Uganda, the export of the available soursop is usually of premium quality and pricey. The locals call it ekitaferi denoting the juicy, succulent, creamy flesh. The leaves are also a popular vegetable that is also harvested.

A slice of graviola supplies the body with a range of vitamins including Vitamin C for immunity at 34 percent of the daily value (dv). The iron content is 3 percent for strong bones and teeth while that of vitamin B-6 for proper metabolism is 5 percent of the daily needs. The magnesium proportion for a strong bone structure is 5 percent of the daily value while that of dietary fiber is 13 percent for good digestion. The range of minerals includes potassium for maintaining the electrolyte balance in blood at 7 percent of the dv. The potential against disease in soursop lies in its high antioxidant content that prevents many degenerative conditions.

We source a number of varieties of Uganda graviola from the country, with the most common being Bennet, Morada and Cuban fiberless. Our farmers come from Apac District in the northern parts of the country. The fruits from this region are usually available in the Nakasero market of Kampala. On our part we only source from the few select family growers who cultivate the fruit in this district. They normally have a patch of land of no more than two acres that they efficiently manage to enrich with farm compost.

We harvest Uganda graviola when the fruits have attained a firm appearance. Our produce agents also inform farmers to harvest only berries whose spiny skins have smoothened and have turned a greenish yellow. We check that each twenty-four fruits per branch are mature before picking them one by one. Overall, our fruits weight about 6.8 kilograms.

After delivery to the packing shed, we sort the graviola by size, maturity and healthy appearance. The largest pieces which have smooth spines with a light green-yellow color go to form the first grade. Fruits of lesser size but with blemish-free skins form the other grade. We cull any immature or ripe fruit to be used for value addition such as soursop juice.

We pack Uganda graviola in bulk cartons of one to two fruits apiece. We also have larger boxes that contain about 3 or 4 pieces with a weight of about 20 kilograms. We reinforce the cargo with polyethylene linings to ensure that they do not lose their aroma. We also label the fruits including the source, variety and shipping information.

We store Uganda graviola at low temperatures of 0 to 2° Celsius. We also keep them well hydrated at a relative humidity of 90 to 95 percent. We also transport the fruits at the same temperature range via our special trucks to the airport in Entebbe. You can expect the fruits to reach your destination within a day of shipping or two days maximum, depending on the distance.

In short, we are your first point of contact for Uganda graviola which we source from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. All our fruits are available in two major regions including eastern and northern Uganda, which guarantees seasonal supply. You can request for any quantity which we contract farmers to grow for you in the next season. We take care of prices by offering affordable rates that match your budget. Make an order today!


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