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We provide high-quality Uganda asparagus to the local and export market. We source our Uganda asparagus from family growers in the country.

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Uganda asparagus (Asparagus Officinalis L.) is just getting the recognition due to the emergence of many hospitality venues such as restaurants that seek to serve their clients with the dish. Uganda grows both the thin and round stalks as well as the flat and twisted spears. The spears of the plant have featured in diets around the world for the past two millennia or 1 A.D. The garden crop probably had its origin in south-eastern Europe, perhaps Albenga in Italy. It is also native to Africa where some wild cultivars grow.

Every serving of asparagus from Uganda provides the body with 15 percent of vitamin A worth of the daily value (DV) for good eyesight. Though the vitamin C content at 9 percent is slightly lower, it is supplemented by iron at 11 percent DV for a better ability to resist chronic diseases. The amount of vitamin B-6 is 5 percent while that of protein clocks at 4 percent. The level of potassium is 5 percent DV for balancing the electrolytes in the blood. For the tasty tidbits, eating this plant overcomes sterility,  promotes an optimal pregnancy and boosts heart health. Studies also show that it enhances weight loss and optimizes blood pressure.   We source our Uganda asparagus from mostly the wetlands of the country. One of these is Mbarara district whose farmers are well known for vegetable cultivation including onions and lettuce.

We only work with family growers with less than two acres of land who use organic means to grow the crop.   We harvest Uganda asparagus when they are just eight inches in height, whereby we cut them at the soil level. Because the plants grow in jumbled spears that may still be beneath the soil, we ensure that if we have to cut the plants a few inches underground that we do not accidentally slash off any of the blossoming shoots.

We then wash the spears before putting them in the cold room at temperatures near freezing point. We use mechanical means to sort the shoots. We keep them per bunch according to their total length, the net weight and curve formation. We then do away with any spears that may have blemishes or have other problems.

We pack Uganda asparagus in bunches of 16 ounces at the maximum or 12 ounces at the minimum for the standard measure. We also pack them loose in 4.5-kilo produce boxes. We use special crates specifically for this plant which keep the bottom part of the cut stalks vertically down. For every 2 kilos of the produce, we place top ice that preserves it against going bad or losing its freshness.  We store asparagus at a temperature range of 0° to 2° Celsius. Not only does this range make for easy, fresh cargo preservation as it is near freezing point but it boosts the level of ascorbic acid (related to vitamin C) in the produce.

We transport Uganda asparagus in pre-cooled trucks that maintain the freshness of the produce.  To stave off shakiness and friction during transit, we seal every package separately from the other bunches in each crate.

Therefore, if you are in need of fresh Uganda asparagus, you now have the right supplier to count on. We source our produce from mostly the rural areas of the country that farm the crop under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We meet your quantity parameters by being conversant with the seasons for growing the crop and liaising with many farmers in the country. We also keep abreast with the lowest prices by updating them per the current market statistics. You can, therefore, start by making an order today!

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