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We provide high quality Uganda cherry tomatoes to the local and export market. We source our Uganda cherry tomatoes from family growers in the country.

Uganda cherry tomato is a tiny red fruit that is an interbreed of a currant and the common tomato.  In fact, its botanical name, Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme borrows its family term ‘solanum’ from the tomato. The origin of the plant may have been from the western tip of South America.  It may have reached East Africa though North Africa and the Middle-east where John Barker brought it in a string of years, ending 1825. Its name in Luganda is ‘enyanya,’ which closely resembles the Swahili word without the starting ‘e.’

Uganda grows a number of varieties of the cherry tomato. The most common ones include the Red beauty and Black plume. The former is especially a catchy plant with red cheeky fruits on the vines. Though it is mostly grown in greenhouses, we only source ours from family growers who cultivate them under natural means.

Every serving of the cherry tomato provides one with a variety of minerals and vitamins in moderate to high quantities. One of these is potassium at 5 percent of the daily value. The level of vitamin C is relatively high at 17 percent of the daily needs. Vitamin K, which supplements the water part of blood is 8 percent of the daily value in the plant. The vitamin A content is 5 percent while that of beta-carotene is 4 percent of the daily needs. The manganese and magnesium content for strong bones stand at 5 and 3 percent respectively.

We source Uganda cherry tomatoes from various parts of the country, particularly Kabale district. Notably, in recent years the farmers in the region have forgone the use of green houses in favor of open field cultivation of the crop. Thus you can expect a crop grown under manure-enriched soil with no trace of chemical sprays.

We harvest Uganda cherry tomatoes by snipping them which implies the use of rapid, sure cuts that allow the rest of the plant to grow unaltered. Though the best picks are those that have reddened on the vine, as their taste is sweeter, they are however not good for shipping as they may ripen midway. We therefore pick the fruits early when they have a hint of red over the growing green. It is normally a couple of weeks after the blossoming of flowers.

We then sort cherry tomatoes after washing them in clear, pure water. Then there follows a sorting duration whereby we remove any fruits with abnormal shape or have ribs on them.

We pack Uganda cherry tomatoes in 12 pint flats. There are also situations where we pack them like typical tomato flats weighing 12.34 kilograms (25 pounds). We maintain their freshness by keeping them in a cool, dry condition prior to shipping. We also insert food labels including the country of origin, the net weight and the destination.

We store Uganda cherry tomatoes at temperatures between 7° and 15° Celsius. With a relative humidity of 95 percent, it is possible to keep the produce at no risk of dehydration for the next one and a half weeks.

We transport the cherry tomatoes from the ‘Pearl of Africa’ under pre-cooled conditions to the Entebbe airport for immediate transfer to your destination. You can therefore expect the precious cargo to reach you in an acceptable condition within a very short time- a day or two depending on your location.

In short, if you are in search of the thumb-sized and more savory version of a tomato, do not hesitate to ping us with an order for Uganda cherry tomatoes. Because all our family growers come from designate parts of the country with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications, they are high quality with no trace of chemical residual. You can request for any tonnage and we will readily supply. As for price, we create convenience by adjusting our rates to the lowest in the market. Make an order today!

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