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We provide high quality Uganda Crotalaria ochroleuca (alayu) to the local and export market. We source our Uganda alayu from family growers in the country.

Uganda Crotalaria ochroleuca (Alayu), also known as the slender leaf, is an indigenous vegetable that has been a source of food security for a long time in the country, mainly due to its high nutrition. It provides not only a source of revenue for especially women growers but has attracted notable attention from even the government for its cultivation. In Wakiso district in the center of the country, farmers have ventured into planting the crop under large-scale agriculture next to such leafy staples as amaranth. This leafy green is native to Africa where there are around three hundred diverse species of traditional vegetables.

Uganda Clotalaria ochroleuca supplies a range of minerals that range from calcium to zinc. Others include iron for boosting chronic disease protection and phosphorous for maintaining bone and teeth health. It also produces a small range of protein for body building purposes.

We source Uganda alayu from family growers in uganda who cultivate it under proper agricultural practices parameters. Most of our farmers in Lira to the north of the country and Wakiso in the central region grow the crop as an essential staple for food security. We only make contact with those who use organic means such as farmyard compost for the cultivation of the plant. The farmers maintain their two-acre farms with little or no use of chemical sprays which makes the vegetables to have low chemical residual.

We harvest Uganda alayu for its tender leaves. The runners and shoots turn into rich stew in neighboring countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. Our well-trained farmhands uproot the plant from the ground when it has attained a maximum height of 40 centimeters. We go on with the harvest for the next four months depending on the maturity of each patch of the crop.

We cut the Slenderleaf at about 10 centimeters from the ground after uprooting it. The left stem shoots in the next 14 days and is also ready for picking. We usually expect about 10 tons of produce per hectare from the crop.

We then sort the leaves into bunches in readiness for packing Uganda crotalaria ochroleuca. We also leave some of the vegetation on the ground for use as mulch and fodder for cattle. One of the recognized post-harvest byproducts of the crop is hay. This is usually possible if the plant is cut when tender just slightly above the lowest bud. Besides, it still serves as a great crop to harvest for human consumption after this cutting.

We pack Uganda Clotalaria ochroleuca in airtight containers in different quantities. This keeps them fresh throughout the shipping duration. We also offer them in similar packages as those of spinach at bunches weighing 450 grams per package. This is followed by labeling inclusive of the packing date, the net weight, and the destination.

We store alayu leaf bunches at a temperature mean of 10° Celsius in airtight boxes. We keep them under cool, dry conditions in readiness for shipping. We then transport the leaves in special trucks under atmospheric conditioning. Your package reaches your destination in the next one to two days from the airport in Entebbe.

Indeed, if you are after produce that is 100 percent African indigenous, you now have the ready suppliers of Uganda Clotalaria ochroleuca to count on. We source them from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locales in the country. You can start by requesting for a shipment quantity that meets your tonnage needs. You have our word for the most affordable produce rates in the region. Make your order today!

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