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We provide high-quality Uganda amaranth to the local and export market. We source our Uganda amaranth from family growers in the country.

Uganda amaranth is characterized by a unique, grassy aroma when cooked. It is one of the select traditional crops with appeal throughout the world that is known for its short growth span and sustained use. It is common as the weed in farms while in other parts of the world it passes as a cultivated adornment plant. One of the best-known species of the plant is pigweed whose consumption in raw or steamed form similar to kales is typical. The native home of the vegetable is the Americas: before the fifteenth century, the Mayan civilization had celebrated the crop through rituals. In Uganda, the best-known variety of the weed is black amaranth which naturally thrives by the roadsides and farms.

Every serving of amaranth provides the body with 62 percent of the daily value (DV) of magnesium for developing the bone structure. The plant also includes calcium at 15 percent of the daily value and iron for immunity against chronic ailments at 42 percent. Other than providing such mineral composition, Amaranthus is also a great source of vitamin B-6 at 30 percent DV for the promotion of proper bodily metabolism. The level of vitamin C is 7 percent while that of dietary fiber for proper digestion is 28 percent DV.

We source Uganda amaranth from Kikandwa in the central parts of the country, among other areas. In this particular region, the black variety is well known for being a source of nutrition as it is common to come across even by the road growing on its own. We only make contact with family growers who cultivate the crop on their verified farms. They usually have less than two acres of land and use organic manure as soil enrichment aid.

We harvest both the leaves and seeds of amaranth by careful choice of the picking time. Since not all seeds reach maturity at once, our workers pick only the seeds that fall off upon shaking the branch containing them. As for the leaves, these require no timeline as they are ready to pick any time as long as the tender leaves have shot up. We repeat this process by harvesting leaves and seeds that have not matured during this period by picking them up the stalks in the next harvest.

We can expect a yield of Uganda amaranth seeds of between 4.5 and 6.8 kilograms from every 100  square feet of area. We then sort the seeds and leaves by threshing the former in a ramp machine. This removes the chaff and keeps the delicious produce free of any field debris. For leaves, we cull any discolored or pest-ridden ones and keep the rest in small bunches ready for packing.

We pack Uganda amaranth in produce boxes with internal cooling via top-ice injection. Our basic package weighs just 2.3 kilograms while our large cartons can contain up to 5.8 kilograms worth of the produce. For the packages with no top-ice, we use liquid icing that is about 1 kilo for every 2 kilos of the produce.

We label Uganda amaranth using certified food labeling routines. Each package has the date of packing, source, net weight in kilograms or pounds and the destination.

We store Uganda amaranth at 5° Celsius in a cool, dry environment away from direct light. We also ensure that there is little chance of wilting by maintaining a relative humidity of 75 percent. Our special produce vans keep the well-hydrated condition of the produce by transporting it to the airport in Entebbe at a similarly low temperature.

Thus, if you are looking for exceptional quality in your salad, stir-fry or any other vegetable-enriched dish do not hesitate to get in touch with your suppliers of Uganda amaranth. We source our produce from only designate farmers who grow it next to kales and spinach under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. You can request for any flexible quantity that suits your needs or your customers’, and we will readily meet your due date. Regarding pricing, we guarantee the lowest rates in the East African market. Make your order today!

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