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We provide high-quality Uganda carrots to the local and export market. We source our Uganda carrots from family growers in the country.

Uganda carrot (caucus carota) is one of the essential root vegetables whose apt name captures its popular beta-carotene content. It is ordinarily orange-tinged, but other color variations range from dark to purple, red and even cream. Its original home was modern-day Iran, but its first point of domestication was Europe and the south-western parts of Asia. The crop is not a significant priority in Uganda, as many traders cross into Kenya to get their supplies. However, it is in high demand, and many family growers have begun its cultivation here. Indeed, a sackful of the roots goes for the top perk of 150,000 in Uganda shillings.

The carrot is native to Afghanistan. Another primary contender for origin is Turkey. Irrespective of the source, the root vegetable is now grown worldwide mostly under irrigation.

Carrots are some of the highest sources of vitamin A for proper eyesight at 104 percent of the daily value. They also have beta-carotene at the standalone value of 77 percent of the daily needs for promoting good vision. The thiamine (vitamin B1) content is 6 percent while that of riboflavin is 5 percent. The carrot has a substantial level of vitamin K at 13 percent of the daily needs for the formation of proteins that help in blood clotting. It is also a good source of immunity vitamins E and C at 4 percent and 7 percent, respectively.

We source our Uganda carrots from the drier parts of the country where they grow under irrigation. One of these is the Kapchorwa district which is home to the Sabiny Nilotic community who cultivate the crop as an extra livelihood. Our family growers usually grow the crop under natural methods inclusive of farmyard manure for soil enrichment. Our produce agents also advise the farmers to maintain crop cultivation with little or no chemical sprays. We interact only with those with less than two acres of farming land.

We harvest both baby carrots and mature Uganda carrots. For the smallest ones, we go for them when they are close to two months on the farm. For the normal-sized ones, we harvest them when they are two and a half months from the date of planting. The common roots are usually half-an-inch or three-quarters of an inch across.

We pick the roots through the use of blunt garden forks that ease off the crop from the soil. We then slash off the top crown of the tuber consisting of mostly green foliage at a length of half an inch from the crest of the carrot. We keep the produce in a cool, dry place in readiness for packing.

We pack Uganda carrots in two forms: bunched and loose. Our bunched packages consist of between six and eight pieces. We place them in produce boxes that contain top-ice immediately after we have cooled them. The loose packages, on the other hand, consist of 11 kilograms of the produce in waxed cartons. We put the many pieces inside polyethylene lined covers for a hydrating effect. We also have bigger 50-pound cartons for loose packing.

We store Uganda carrots at temperatures of between 0° and 3° Celsius. We maintain the humidity at 98 percent. We make sure that the temperature does not go below this range as it may be given to chilling injury. We keep this same mean temperature when transporting the produce to the airport in Entebbe using our modified atmosphere vehicles.

Thus, if you are in need of Uganda carrots right from family growers’ farms, you have got the right partner to supply the produce. All our supplies come from sources that have obtained Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Because quantity is an essential element, we usually get in touch with many suppliers at a time to meet your specifications. On the price score, we are always one step ahead with the most competitive rates in the East African region. Make your order today!

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