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We provide high-quality Uganda cabbages to the local and export market. We source our Uganda cabbages from family growers in the country.

Uganda cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) is one of the essential greens with its characteristic, leafy domed head. It is a common plant all over the world that grows under different leaf colors from the common turquoise green to red and purple. In Uganda, it has featured for generations as a sauce for maize meal while in other parts of Africa it is a common accompaniment to most solid foods. It is among the largest vegetables: the most substantial piece in recent memory weighed some 62 kilos. Though, an average cabbage weighs as little as 500 grams and as high as 4 kilograms.

Its origin may have been Europe in the first century B.C. By the mid-1500s, some of its modern-day varieties like Savoy had been developed.  The leafy green has perhaps the most interesting history of any vegetable in the ‘Peal of Africa.’ It first came in the misty land of Kabale district, Western Uganda in 1943 in the middle of World War II. This was courtesy of British colonialists who wanted to save the people of Bakiga from dying due to a biting famine that year. It went under the local term enjara ya karyamiti which indicated drought that made people look for food from the trees. What started as a food security measure turned into a significant source of vegetables to the extent that at one time Idi Amin wanted to supply Britain with a shipment of the crop from where the colonialists first planted it.

A fresh cabbage provides the body with 60 percent of vitamin C content worth of the daily value (DV). It also improves brain function with 2-percent iron content. It boosts the strength of the teeth enamel with its 4 percent content of calcium. With a dietary fiber composition of 10 percent, the cabbage is a great provider of right digestion elements. Other components include vitamin B-6 at 5 percent DV, potassium at 4 percent DV, carbohydrates at 2 percent DV and sugar at 3.2 grams per 100 grams. It also has water-soluble vitamin K and phosphorous. Its disease-fighting elements include these mentions:  tonic against a migraine, potion against stomach ulcers, treatment for obesity and the control of constipation.

We source our Uganda cabbage from the Kigezi region that constitutes Kabale and Kisoro districts in the southwestern part of the country. The crop grows under terraced plots of land that prevent erosion from frequent rainfall. Our family growers cultivate the plant in fields of less than two acres apiece. They follow strict growing stipulations including little use of farm sprays and reliance on farmyard manure.  Family growers cultivate at least three types of the cabbage. One of these is Savoy with its curled leaves. The most typical type, however, is the Green variety that has turquoise green color with a minimally pointed dome. There is also the Red cultivar that has scarlet leaves, which is loved as curry.

We harvest cabbages from Uganda through well-trained farmhands. They use sharp knives to slice the dome at the base of its head using a knife.  They then transfer it with its outer leaves to a sack in readiness for dirt removal and final packing.   We pack Uganda cabbages in packages of between 20 and 22 kilograms per shipment. The principal means of packing include containers with waxed interiors, bags, and crates.  Our cardboard cartons come with corrugated interiors and also contain wax coatings. For reinforcement, the crates consist of wire binding. We pack all our produce in polyethylene wrapping that keeps it well saturated against moisture and weight loss.

We store Uganda cabbage at temperatures of 0° Celsius during the short duration between post-harvesting handling and delivery at the airport. We use special delivery trucks that have pre-cooled interiors for keeping the produce in a well-preserved condition.    We are therefore your first choice for availing Uganda cabbages right from the heart of East Africa.  Since all our produce comes from family growers who grow it under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions, you are assured of an accountable source. We have many connections with farmers who guarantee a perpetual supply of the produce during most of the year.

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