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We provide high-quality Uganda avocados to the local and export market. We source our Uganda avocados from family growers in the country.

Uganda avocado (Persea Americana-Miller) thrives in well-saturated areas of the East African nation with at least 1200 millimeters of rain yearly. The country experiments with diverse avocado cultivars especially in the agricultural heartland of Kabale in the west. The countrymen call the fruit ‘ova’ which sounds like slang for the English original. There are at least four varieties in the country: hass is the biggest export, followed by fuerte. The others include Reed and Bacon. The main exporting destinations are the southern neighbor, Rwanda and the United Arab Emirates.

Historical accounts depict the avocado to be native to the central region of southern Mexico. The fruit then spread to the tropics where it became a major export. In Africa,South Africa was among the first countries to embrace the fruit in the 1550s A.D. Uganda began its commercial production of the fruit during the colonial times.

Eating fresh avocado daily is one major step for your health as it contains virtually all nutrients. The healthy fat (unsaturated) concentration stands at 13 percent while all fat including the saturated one supplies the body with 23 percent of the daily value. The potassium content for maintaining the blood electrolyte balance is 13 percent of the daily needs. One of the highest dietary fiber proportion of any fruit is from the avocado which supplies 28 percent of the daily value for proper digestion. The fruit has a protein proportion of 4 percent, vitamin C at 16 percent, Vitamin B-6 at 15 percent, vitamin A at 2 percent and magnesium at 7 percent. Direct health benefits of the fruit range from fighting high blood sugar and weight loss enhancement to osteoarthritis control.

We source our Uganda avocado from the Masaka district in the center of the country where family growers mostly cultivate the hass variety. Other areas include Kabale in Western Uganda. This fruit basket has recently introduced a hybrid variety made up of hass, Pinkerton, Boss 6 and Semil, all of which lead up to the balanced oil proportion in the new array.  We also get the fruit from Bugerere, Luwero and Wakiso districts. We only source from family growers who follow strict organic cultivation methods including no use of sprays.

We harvest Uganda avocados by timing the seasons as well as checking for physical characteristics. These include the increment in size of the fruit, the alteration of color from green to a slightly dark shade for hass, and fruits near at hand, slight softness upon touch. Another indicator that we use as a guide is the presence of brown dots on the green skin.  Our farmhands then climb up farm ladders to handpick the ones high up on the tree. We also use pole harvesters with self-contained catching nets to reach the fruits. Each worker uses pruners to slice the stalk of the fruit before dropping it into the basket.

Our Uganda avocado comes packed in single layers to prevent crushing and bruises. We fit around 5.67 kilograms of fruits per flat tray, with each avocado parallel to the next.  We also use custom two layers that consist of more fruits: we ensure that the top layer does not get into contact with the lower one by use of plastic separators. Our double-layer lugs can contain a package weighing 11.34 kilograms.  Each package is methodically measured by volume or capacity to maintain a uniform cargo.

We preserve Uganda avocados by variety. For instance, hass can stay for as long as eight months unspoiled while Bacon has a short shelf life of just two months.  Generally, we store hass at between 4 and 5° Celsius which gives it a full month of shipping grace period unspoiled. All other cultivars store well at a minimum of 6° Celsius. We transport the cargo by road to either the airport in Entebbe or the cross-border ports of Mombasa and Dar-es-Salaam depending on the size of the shipment. All our trucks come with refrigerated interiors.

Indeed, the equatorial-grown Uganda avocados are some of the best in Africa in both taste and quality, which is enough reason to order them now. We source our fruits from only family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Because of the widespread availability in many parts of the country, we guarantee shipment of any tonnage you request. We make it easier for you by charging the most competitive prices in the market. Make an order today!

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