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We provide high-quality Uganda custard apples to the local and export market. We source our Uganda custard apples from family growers in the country.

Uganda custard apple (Annona squamosa, A. reticulata and A. senegalensis) grows in three varieties. The most common is sweetsop, followed by the African custard apple and then the custard apple variety anona reticulata. As the only cultivar native to Africa, A. senegalensis has a wide distribution from West Africa through Central, East and Southern Africa.

Eating custard apple every day offers a wide range of nutrients including 17 percent of the dietary fiber for proper digestion. The vitamin C proportion worth of the daily value is 60 percent while that of vitamin B-6 is 10 percent. Each slice of the fruit contains 5 percent of magnesium for maintaining strong bone structure. Calcium for the maintenance of teeth enamel is usually 2 percent of the daily needs.

The Varieties

The African custard apple goes under the local names ambengeya, obwolo and ovolo in Uganda. Like its cousins, this wild but commonly cultivated variety develops to a tall height of six meters in height. It then develops a fruit that is tough-rinded with orange or bright yellow color once it attains ripeness. The ovular fruit is up to ten centimeters in length.

The Uganda custard apple (A. reticulata) variety is a common fruit in orchards that grow from a minimum height of five meters to a maximum ten meters. It has pear-shaped fruits with a yellow-brown color when they ripen. They measure between eight and sixteen centimeters in length.  Its ethnic name in lakeside Luo is Adunu while Buganda refers to it as Bisitafeeri.

Sweet-sop (A. squamosa), another variety is known as sugar apple is common in Uganda under the Ganda name of Ekistefeeri. It is perhaps the most widely distributed custard apple species in the world, and a major export in tropical countries like Uganda. Its fruits develop into a length of up to 10 centimeters and consists of ribbed rind as its skin.

We source our Uganda custard apples of diverse varieties from Kigezi to the south-west of the country among other regions. Our family growers tend their trees using organic means such as farmyard compost so that the fruits are acceptable internationally. We only contract farmers with small-scale plots of less than two acres.

Harvesting and Packing

To harvest ‘African Pride’ as custard apple is known in slang, we ensure that it has turned its color from deep green to a pale green. We also ensure that the fruits have attained a wide base as this indicates that they have reached their top level of maturity.  Our family growers can harvest between five to ten kilograms of fruits from each tree especially at its most productive season. Our farmhands use pruners to cut the fruit a few inches into the stalk for proper handling.  We then transport the collected harvests to the packingshed for sorting, cleaning and final delivery.

We pack Uganda custard apples in hydro-cooled PVC film wrappings. We then keep them in well-ventilated lugs or cartons in single layers for ease of transportation. We maintain the temperatures at 10° Celsius within the package. This preserves the fruits for as long as one week which means they reach their destination while still fresh.

We store Uganda custard apple at relatively low temperatures of at least 15° Celsius and most 20° Celsius. They are kept at a relative humidity of 85 to 90 percent to prevent dehydration. We maintain the same controlled temperatures throughout the transportation duration under special trucks to the airport in Entebbe.

Thus, if you would like to avail African Pride from the ‘Pear of Africa,’ you now have the right source for Uganda custard apple. We offer the best varieties from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. This guarantees that you get fresh fruits that meet international market specifications. We provide full quantity depending on the tonnage that you stipulate. Concerning prices, we offer the most competitive rates that align to the budget. You can start by making an order today!

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