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We provide high quality Uganda eggplants to the local and export market. We source our Uganda eggplants from family growers in the country.

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Uganda African eggplant (Solanum macrocarpon) is a lookalike of the common eggplant whose other is bitter tomato due to its flavor. Many farmers in the country grow the Ravaya Slender variety. This has a thin fruit, usually purple when ripe and it grows in bunches of three to four pieces. It is a significant import by European countries. Uganda also grows the Turkish and Thai varieties, which are of the common eggplant rather than the African type. Indeed, the origin of the entire family of fruit-bearing vegetables, some edible, others not, in Asia.   One of its unique components is dietary fiber which is available at 12 percent of the daily value. It also a supplies vitamin B-6 at 5 percent while the level of magnesium stands at 3 percent of the daily value. The plant also provides 6 percent of the daily needs of potassium for maintaining the electrolyte balance in the blood.

We source Uganda eggplants from Kayunga district and other parts of Central Uganda. Family growers in this part of the country grow them together with tomatoes and other vegetables, but due to their lengthy harvesting period of 12 months intermittently, eggplants easily win as a favorite crop. Our sources use farmyard manure for soil enrichment in their plots of land that measure less than two acres apiece. We harvest Uganda eggplants by ensuring that only the unripe ones, usually green, undergo harvesting. The rest are generally bright red and may have a bitter flavor while the green ones though bitter are just mild enough for flavor needs.  We then collect the single fruits into the baskets for sorting at the packing shed.  After the morning time harvesting of eggplants, where they are under little harm of the sun, we store them in the cold room where sorting takes place. We keep only firm, unripe fruits after meticulous checkup of every single one.  We pack Uganda eggplants in produce boxes that can carry the produce in bulk. Every box can consist of between 22 and 28 pieces. Another smaller package of 1.5 bushels in size contains a maximum of 22 bits in every pack. We then either vacuum-seal the produce box or use film wrapping on it to preserve the package from dehydration. This ensures that the package reaches you while still having 14% of its moisture content intact. A further precaution is that of embedding paper towels between the produce packs to absorb moisture.

We temporarily store the eggplants at a mean temperature of 0° Celsius which keeps them in a well-hydrated condition for long. To prevent chilling injury, we do not cross subzero temperatures. We also maintain the freshness of the crops by keeping them in polyurethane wrapping.  During transportation to the airport, we use special trucks with freezers on board for the maintenance of the same cold room conditions.  Therefore, if you are hankering after creamy-fleshed, firm Uganda eggplants, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

All our produce comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers who ensure that they are organic with low or no chemical residual. We also contract as many farmers as we can to meet the demand of various clients from Europe, the Middle-east and North America, among other emerging export destinations. We also offer very competitive pricing parameters, making us among the most desirable suppliers in East Africa. Go ahead and make an order today!

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