Fresh Vegetables

You will receive high quality fresh vegetables straight from the Kenya smallholders’ farms, handled and packed in the best conditions that meet global standards. Selina Wamucii supplies and exports a variety of Kenya fresh vegetables. These include French Beans, Mangetout, Tender Stem Broccoli, Tomatoes, Carrots, Eggplant, Baby Vegetables and Asian Vegetables.

Fresh Fruits

Enjoy best of Kenya’s fresh fruits which are all cultivated in the best of conditions and delivered daily from our farms. We supply a wide range of fruits grown in Kenya under GLOBALGAP conditions.These include Avocados (Hass and Fuerte), Mangoes (Apple, Ngowe, Tommy Artkin, Kent Mango Varieties) Custard Apple, Passion, Cavendish Bananas, Pawpaw and Red Plums.

Fresh Herbs

Our fresh herbs include ; Tarragon, Basil, Spear Mint, Sage, Dill, Thyme, Chives, Oregano, Rosemary, Coriander, Capsicum (chillies and cayenne pepper). All our herbs are pre-cooled after packing and then dispatched in a refrigerated truck. Thanks to our dedicated farmers, high quality and fair pricing is guaranteed for every herb you receive from Selina Wamucii.

Processed Products

Selina Wamucii guarantees healthy processed products, made from fresh produce that is sourced from our hardworking family growers. Our processed products include: extra virgin avocado oil, canned pineapple ( chunks and rings in syrup or juice), pineapple crush, mango pulp and mango Concentrates. These foods are processed for Selina Wamucii by vetted processors.

Socially Ethical

At Selina Wamucii, we strongly believe that we have an obligation to conduct our business in ways that benefit society at large. From training Kenya smallholder farmers for improved production, using environmental friendly processes to supporting communities around us, we remain committed to a healthy balance between the ecosystem and the economy, for prosperity and advancement of a healthier, happier society that will ever be much better than we found it.

From Family Growers

Selina Wamucii is a business to business fresh produce company that uses mobile technology to streamline the growing, aggregation and supply of high quality fresh produce sourced from African farmers at fair prices. In this journey, we remain committed to our farmers and our customers. Every time you choose Selina Wamucii, you support the family growers dedicated to bringing you consistently high quality & naturally grown fresh produce – all at a great price.

Food Safety

We are at the forefront of complying with all standards pertaining to food safety for the fresh produce that we supply to our clients in Kenya and around the world. Ours is an honest dedication that starts with our family growers in the farms all the way to the final consumer. Our mobile phone based tracebility system enables us to trace the specific lot and farm that each carton of our produce comes from.The Selina Way is the future of how your food will be grown.

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