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We provide high quality Ethiopia pineapples to the local and export market. We source Ethiopia pineapples from family growers in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia pineapples come in two main varieties, the old time favorite Red Spanish and the new net export, the Smooth Cayenne. Due to the fact that pineapple farming is still in its mid-production stages in the horn of Africa nation, the fruit is mostly accessible in mainly southern areas. It grows in Sidama, a region in the ecologically subtropical areas of the country due south of Addis Ababa. Though the zone has been a source of coffee for decades, small scale growers of pineapple have made the fruit attractive here. They began with the Red Spanish cultivar with its characteristic purplish spiky colors and sizable fruit nestling in the long vines.

The first season of Ethiopia pineapples are April through May. The next season is between October through November. Farmers usually propagate the crops through suckers. The price of a single seedling costs between 3 and 5 ETB ($0.1 maximum). The sucker method is faster and more organic than other means like tissue planting. The fruition of a sucker pineapple comes just 1 year and 4 months after planting. This is as opposed to other methods that mature in two years.

Our Ethiopia pineapples come from Global Good Agricultural Certificates (GAP)-certified small-scale farmers’ regions. These areas enjoy sizable, healthy fruits that grow under decomposed cow and goat farmyard post.

The marketing of the fruit in Ethiopia takes place through farmers’ cooperatives. They present their fruits, through brokers, to such cities as Addis Ababa, Dilla and Hawassa. The fruit can cost anywhere between $0.15 during the low season in April, to $0.6 during the August peak season.

We also tap into the ever-growing Ethiopia pineapple value chain where farmers process the fruits into cosmetics, concentrates and juices. There are many ways one can utilize the fruit in the country, mainly in the making of slices and compote. The latter describes a fruit pie that is boiled in a solution of water together with spices like lemon or cinnamon.

In terms of varieties, Ethiopia pineapples are endowed with both Smooth Cayenne and Red Spanish. Smooth Cayenne grows in Teso in the Sidama zone. It is characterized by relatively soft, spiny leaves and yellowish smooth innards, with a very welcoming odor. Its shape is a rounded square. It is this feature of shape together with its minimum weight of 2 pounds that make it one of the best shipping fruits as it fits snugly into packing boxes. Red Spanish, on the other hand, is characterized by a beautiful shape and slender body with reddish purplish spiky hard leaves. Ethiopian farmers are producing the currently more popular Smooth Cayenne as it has considerably higher market potential than the Red Spanish, especially in Europe.

Upon harvesting, our Ethiopia pineapples undergo sorting and storage above 7.23 degrees celsius. The cooling process helps to maintain a balance between the field heat and the moisture content of the fruit. The Ethiopia fruit is not kept in storage beyond the maximum six weeks, under an improvised cooling environment.

The grading of the fruit takes place under the guidelines of the Worldwide Codex Standard that allocates the grade by size, shape, cultivar and ripened level of fresh pineapples. Thus, you can expect our fruits to have the same uniform quality, and particular variety. Our pineapples come with a crown that is just less that is in the range of 50% to 150% of the height of the fruit. You can obtain the fruit with either a trimmed or untrimmed crown.

So, if you are in search of the formerly popular Red Spanish or the currently popular Smooth Cayenne, you can get into contact with us. We provide the best quality Ethiopia pineapple from the most competitive family grower belts of the south. You can get the produce that has passed phytosanitary inspection at the Bola International Airport. Make your order today!

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