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We provide high quality Ethiopia capsicum to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia capsicum from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia capsicum (Capscium annuum) enjoys many names around the globe with the most common being sweet pepper. It has mild taste and its capsaicin levels are among the lowest in the pepper family. Many people know four main colors of the ripe and sizable bell pepper fruit, including the common green and red. Yellow and orange are other typical hues. In other parts of the world, the crop comes in diverse shades of vanilla, purple, and even brown. The first time that the crop came to the civilized world from its native home in Mexico was in 1493, when Spanish conquistadors introduced it to Europe. From there it spread to Africa and Asia, with China being the world’s leader in production.

We source our Ethiopia capsicum from the southwest of the country, especially in Jimma. We source diverse varieties including the local variety by the name Gojeb Local. The area grows the big mildly chilly fruit known commonly in English as bell pepper alongside chilly peppers.

A single fruit contains an overwhelming content of vitamin C, which stands at 134 percent of the daily value. Vitamin A represents 7 percent while dietary fiber is 6 percent. The pepper is also rich in vitamin B-6, which provides around 10 percent of the daily requirement.

Our family grower suppliers harvest the Ethiopia capsicums in the morning hours to minimize the effect of heat and maintain water content to at least 14 percent. We only source green fruits, which can ripen about five to six weeks into different colors under optimal conditions.

Upon delivery from the farm, we right away pre-cool the Ethiopia capsicums. We then select them by hand or automatic means by color, size, weight and quality. The largest sizes form the best grade. The colors range from green to red and yellow and even orange. The best quality is for fruits that are firm to the touch, are just slightly ripe and are blemish-free.

We pack bell peppers in two forms including flow pack and loose forms. The flow pack consists of a careful selection of fruits with specific sizes and single varieties. In loose form, we mix the varieties meticulously. You can get a singe piece per custom polyurethane package or between 2 to 4 of these in a single package. In many cases, the mixed pieces come in diverse colors as they keep well even when mixed and are attractive in market display.

Another important packing method we have taken over is that of shrink seal, which entrails sealing the produce in wraps that hold a single or more fruits per sunken pocket. Then we apply a waterproof film lining on top. Then each centrally placed fruit joins the others in a continuous package bag that gives each capsicum its own breathing space.

We transport the capsicums from Ethiopia in custom trucks that undergo cooling to ensure that the fruits arrive at the airport while still fresh. We pad the vehicles at the bottom in soft pads to reduce the bumping of the fruits against each other and reduce friction. Because many of the fruits in the sealed bags have enough buffering, they rarely get any bruises along the route of transportation.

We supply all corners of the globe, including Europe, the US and the Middle-east with our high quality Ethiopia capsicum. They come from the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers of Jimma to the southwest of the country. The family growers use organic means, mainly irrigation and farm compost fertilization to conserve the crop. Our prices are very competitive and reflect a discount in comparison with other suppliers. We ensure quantity is exact to to your specified tonnage. The shipment arrives at your final destination in one to two days depending on your part of the world. Start by making an order today!

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