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We provide high quality Ethiopia dills to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia dills from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia dill (Anathum graveolens) is a yearly herb that produces nutritious leaves rich in iron. The leaves feature in food as a spice while the seeds serve as seasoning. The plants consist of thin stems with hollowed interiors with beautiful slender leaves. They thrive in both cool and warm weather zones around the globe.

In Ethiopia, dill grows next to other herbs like parsley in the southern parts of the country. We source the plant from among family growers who practice organic farming. Each household has 1 to 1.5 hectares of land which it uses for intercropping food and cash crops. The farmers only apply farmyard manure to their crops with no use of sprays.

Dill constitutes of balanced nutrition. Each serving of the herb comes with zero cholesterol and 15 grams of fat, mostly unsaturated for good heart health. Iron is the highest single nutrient with a value of 90 percent of the daily needs. The mineral helps transport the oxygen part of blood. Dietary fiber which aids the gastric system in digestion is 84 percent of the daily value. The composition of magnesium is 64 percent while that of vitamin C for boosting resistance against ailments is 35 percent. The plant is also rich in protein at 16 grams per serving. Some of the diseases the plant overcomes include cancer, oral disorders, lack of sleep and respiratory conditions.

We harvest dill through sharp farm cutlery. These include pruners and scissors that cut the stem a few inches from where the leaves sprout. Our produce agents usually guide farmers so as to harvest the crops when they have just budded into flower. They do not wait for the mature leaves as this may impact on flavor, but rather go for the tender, young leaves.

Before packing the Ethiopia dill, we wash the stems to separate them from any clinging dirt and stalks. If needed in dry form, we then preserve the leaves in a cool dry place until they are ready for processing. The drying process involves mechanical air drying or natural upside down hanging of the stems containing the seeds that fall from the bunches above. We dry the leaves on a dehydrator machine that does its work in a few minutes before crushing the rest to form powder.

We pack fresh Ethiopia dill in bunches of 10 to 20 leaves containing seeds. We wrap each bundle in plastic for hydration purposes en-route to the final destination. We then put the pre-cooled bunches into cartons with polyethylene linings. We also have clamshells for the custom delivery of the herbs.

We store Ethiopia dill under chilled conditions when fresh, at 0° Celsius both at the cold room and onboard the transportation vehicle. We deliver the fresh leaves on the same day of harvesting to keep the aroma, freshness and blue-green coloring 99.26% as it left the farm.

If you are in search of a herb that will provide you with not only basic nutrients like iron, but will garnish your dishes, you have now got the right supplier. We work only with quality sources, including family growers in the horn of Africa country with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We offer you a quantity that clearly reflects your tonnage demands, while our prices are relatively lower than those of other suppliers. Learn more by contacting us even as you make an order today!

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