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We provide high quality Ethiopia birds eye berbere to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia birds eye berbere from family growers from the country.

Eaten as a salad dressing or pickle or as a canned food enhancer, Ethiopia bird’s eye berbere or chile de arbere, a member of Capsicum annum species, is one of the few chilis that are exotic to the country. Usually red hot, the pod makes a popular seasoning in Ethiopia known as Mitmita. It is enjoyed in powder form and can consist of other spicy additives like cardamom, table salt and cloves. The chili is one of the hottest with a scoville scale reading of between 100000 and 225000 units.

We source Ethiopia bird’s eye berbere from different parts of the country including Tigray to the north. Locals usually hang the picked oval-shaped little pods in the shade or open sun so that they can be ready for grinding into berbere powder. A box of the fruit that weighs 10 pounds or 4.5 kilos can cost anywhere between $3 and $20 in global markets in different seasons.

We harvest Ethiopia berbere in the early part of the day in order to help dry the crop for processing. Our family growers usually notify us of the maturity of their crops around 65 or up to 80 days after transplantation. They can continue picking the maturing pods for 12 weeks intermittently. We use custom baskets for picking fruits that have reached 2 to 3 centimeters long. They will also have changed their shape to a firm conical appearance.

Soon after the picking is over, we cart away the spices to an open tank for cleaning and rinsing. We also use purification agents to kill contaminants using chlorinated water. We then sort any ripened pod from the rest before packing the best.

We loose pack Ethiopia bird’s eye berbere in produce boxes. Each comes with a 4.5 kilogram capacity. It also consists of plastic linings to reduce further dehydration on transit. Every box consists of single fully packed pods that are still greenish red. We also provide dried bird’s eye chilis that we grind first after drying. We pack them in transparent packets that show the powdery content.

We pack Ethiopia bird’s eye berbere at temperatures of around 7.5° Celsius or below. We can guarantee a shelf life of 21 to roughly 35 days under these optimal conditions. We keep the chilis at a relative humidity of 95 percent. For ripening purposes, you can store them at temperatures of between 20 and 25° Celsius and the above humid conditions can accelerate the red color formation or ripening.

We transport Ethiopia bird’s eye berbere in custom vehicles with cool interiors. The temperatures do not go below 7°C to prevent chilling injury. We transport the crop directly to the airport on the same day of harvesting.

You can expect your shipment of Ethiopia bird’s eye berbere to reach your destination on the same day or up to two days after it leaves the airport in Addis Ababa. We guarantee custom pricing that solely reflects your budget. Our quantity parameters match yours so just go ahead and specify your tonnage. In terms of quality, our chilis come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. Go ahead and make an order today!

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