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We provide high quality Ethiopia aloe vera to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia aloe vera from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia aloe vera whose origin is just across the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, grows naturally in the horn of Africa country. The herb serves as a source of medicine while in some parts it acts as a decorative houseplant due to its evergreen thick leaves. Most of the processing of the extracts from the leaves feature in beauty product development.

Aloe vera has appeared in traditional herbal drugs for as back as 1600 B.C. and continues to enjoy the same qualities even today. Its main use in the food industry include yoghurt and soft drinks and also vegetable desserts. Its treatment for glaucoma and multiple sclerosis has been identified but its side effects when taken in huge quantities is clear.

We source our Ethiopia aloe vera from the cultivated fields of Hawassa, Wondon Genet and Koka all of which are either in the Great Rift Valley or the southern parts of the country. Family growers use drip-irrigation, for instance from the Koka reservoir that provides for fast crop maturity. Others depend on rainfall as the sisal-family crop grows even under semi-arid conditions. We only source the herb from farmers with a good record of organic cultivation that involves the same conditions of no pesticide use as it is in the wild.

We harvest Ethiopia aloe vera gel from the plant using phytosanitary and advanced cold pressing means. Our family grower partners usually cut off the bases of the shorter leaves of a mature plant of about a single foot in length. For houseplants, which have smaller leaves, we go for the longest ones of about 4 feet in length. We also look for all leaves that have about a single inch thickness before cutting it at the base where it meets the stem.

The next step involves careful washing of the Ethiopia aloe vera leaf. We use sanitary methods, including clear pure water or brand new damping paper towels for wiping it dry. Our experienced harvesting experts then peel off the outer coats of the healthy leaves, thus exposing the succulent, sticky gel within. After cutting each end including the stem side, this leaves a clear fluid that can be easy to keep in an airtight jar before exporting them.

We pack aloe vera in cubes of gel that can be potable in clear glass jars. We also pack the processed extracts of the gel in custom plastic bottles that feature around 300 mililiters to 1 liter and above, sizes. These come with clear labeling inclusive of the 100 percent natural composition of the herbal extract, and the date of processing.

We store aloe vera under freezing conditions of around 0° Celsius in crude gel form after processing. The herb can store for as long as 30 days without going bad.

We transport the Ethiopia aloe vera crude gel in custom refrigerated trucks that continue the freezing conditions of storage. You can expect the shipment to reach your destination from Bola International Airport from between 1 to 2 days if your are based in Europe and the Middle-East.

We are therefore your one-stop source of Ethiopia aloe vera that comes in crude and processed forms with zero additives. Because we source the raw materials from family growers that have Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates, you can be sure that your shipment is always of high quality and fresh. As regards our pricing metrics, you will save supply chain costs as we bring the produce from our partner farmers with no brokerage. Make an order today!

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