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We provide high quality Ethiopia chervils to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia chervils from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium L.) is an annual herb that grows to just a foot in height but can reach double that height. It looks like parsley only that its leaves have lighter tint of green. The leaves are thin, segmented and papery like those of the carrot or flattish like parsley. It is also more elegant looking with its white blossoms that resemble those of carrots. It bears black seeds that have pointed ends. In European cultures the herb serves in seasoning cuisine such as meat and eggs.

Some of the medicinal uses of chervil herb include the treatment of facial conditions, including wrinkles. A solution for cleansing the face made of extracts from the herb apparently increases suppleness of the skin.

Ethiopia chervil is a major source of iron. Each leaf consists of 177 percent of the daily value of this mineral for oxygen transportation in blood. More so, its vitamin C content for boosting disease immunity is 83 percent of the daily nutritional needs. Vitamin B-6 for preventing free radicals and enhancing metabolism is 45 percent of the daily value. It also has very high electrolyte content that is essential in blood, namely potassium at 135 percent of the daly value. Though the plant has 3.9 grams or 6 percent total content of fat, it has zero cholesterol.

We source chervil from the northern districts of the Tigray region as well as the Eriteria border and the south. The plant thrives under fertile well-drained soils in these places. We only source from farmers who practice responsible agriculture such as the use of farm post manure.

We harvest Ethiopia chervil as soon as the tender leaves have attained at least 4 inches length. We do the harvesting around 45 days or up to 60 days from the transplanting date. The leaves usually gather plenty of flavor when still tender and just after maturity. We perform our harvesting during the early morning to reduce later forced cooling.

We pack our Ethiopia chervil in produce boxes that allow in enough ventilation. We first tie the leaves into bunches weighing around 200 grams. We then keep them into the produce box in rows with other bunches. If you prefer, we also sell dried leaves with as low as 5 percent moisture level. These usually go into making seasoning powder and come in labeled packets.

We store Ethiopia chervil at freezing point. The plant does excellently at 0°C and starts to deteriorate if temperatures go above 10° Celsius. We also maintain the humidity at around 90 to 100 percent.

We transport fresh Ethiopia chervil in custom refrigerated trucks. The shipment reaches your destination a day or two after we deliver it at the airport in Addis Ababa.

Thus, if you would like to obtain fresh medicinal Ethiopia chervil, you have got us to count on. Our quality is always guaranteed as each produce comes with clear labeling that indicates the source. Our sources are usually family growers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Each package passes through inspection by local phytosanitary officers for minimum residual levels (MRLs). While our quantity is perfect for your tonnage, big or small, our prices are comparatively low to those of the market. Make an order today!

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