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We provide high quality Ethiopia chives to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia chives from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia chives or Allium schoenoprasum is a member of the onion and garlic family, with the exception that it has more vibrant flowering habits than the rest and the fact that the flowers are edible. It thrives in the horn of Africa and other regions of the continent and it enjoys local growth in as far as Europe, mainland Asia, US and Canada. The appearance of the herbs is that of stems-cum-leaves that are evergreen. Each stem-like leaf is hollow and elegant looking than its green onion equivalent. It comes at a height of 10 to 12 inches. The herb’s flowers form a paste for improving the taste of fish and tuber stews, among other menus. It is one of the few crops that are native to the eastern and western hemispheres.

Chives provide a high portion of vitamin C, at 96 percent of the daily value requirements for added immunity against diseases. The plant is also a good source of vitamin A at 87 percent of the daily value for improved eyesight. Each 2.5 grams of a chives meal provides about 10 percent of the daily needs of dietary fiber for improved digestion. The plant’s saturated or bad fat is negligible at 0 percent, meaning it is a good source of nutrition for heart health.

We source chives from the southern regions of Ethiopia where the plant grows next to rosemary and spices like ginger at temperatures between 17 and 25° Celsius. Our family growers in their relatively warm locale can pick the leaves and stems every month for five to seven times each year. This ensures perpetual supply.

We harvest Ethiopia chives when they are just slightly over 6 inches in height or higher. We usually use clipping equipment to snip the stem just half an inch from the ground so that the remaining part will shoot again in a few weeks. All our harvesting processes maintain phytosanitary conditions, including the fact that our farmhands wear rubber gloves.

We pack chives in half bushel cartons lined with polyethylene for moisture conservation. Each bunch of the fine leaves consists of a minimum of ten items. There are also modified atmosphere jute bags that keep the herbs free of blackening on transit.

We store Ethiopia chives under freezing conditions of up to 0° Celsius. This ensures the produce does not undergo dehydration as it is under no exposure. We also ensure that every delivery comes on time to buy time between the 14-day freshness guarantee and the arrival at your location.

We transport chives under controlled environment trucks. Each truck goes to the farm to expedite the storage process which happens after cleaning, sorting, grading and final packing is done. You can be sure to get the produce on time because of our resourcefulness in farm-to-airport direct transportation.

Thus, if you would like a ready supply of Ethiopia chives, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We source our produce from the heart of the country where farmers use no sprays, enrich the soils with farm post manure and improve export suitability through Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification. We provide shipment of your exact tonnage on the same day of harvesting after preliminary storage and you can expect the shipment to reach you on the same day or up to two days after dispatch. Make an order today!

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