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We provide high quality Ethiopia coriander to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia coriander from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is one of the most popular herbs that grow for both edible and medicinal purposes. It also goes under the common name Cilantro. The leaves provide good nutrition with a hint of spice while the dried seeds actively enrich stews. The origin of the plant was the eastern Mediterranean region of southern Europe.

Each seed or leaf you consume in a coriander stew comes with 45 percent of the daily value of Vitamin C. With a low cholesterol level of just 0 milligrams, and no saturated fat, coriander ensures a low incidence of heart disease. A quarter cup of the herbal soup provides about 5% of the daily requirements of vitamin A for good eyesight. There is also evidence that coriander can fight many diseases including skin swelling, high cholesterol, dysentery, poor digestion and even iron deficiency in blood.

We source Ethiopia coriander from the Arsi Zone, in the southeast of the country neighboring Somalia. One of our sources, Bale, an Oromo ethnic group region farms the crops with spacing of between 15 to 30 centimeters, meaning good practices for high yields. The family growers cultivate the crop under irrigation and usually employ low use of pesticides for organic fresh herbs.

We pack Ethiopia coriander in leaf bunches of between 12 to 24 tied items per box. Each box comes with perforated polyethylene linings to keep moisture loss at a negligible amount. In other cases, we keep the produce in clamshells before placing them in cartons that have additional corrugation.

We store Ethiopia coriander under low freezing temperatures of around 0° Celsius. This keeps the leaves and seeds free of any external blemishes and do not rot. They also conserve their aromatic smell as well as keep their green chlorophyl-rich appearance. Kept under these conditions, you can expect the shipped produce to stay unspoiled for more than 21 days.

Our storage process involves the stowing of the packed herbs in low-density PVC jute bags. These are then zipped with around 85 grams worth of coriander content. We then place the bags in carton telescopic packages that keep at racks at base temperatures of below 5° Celsius. This constitutes only our overnight storage parameters as we usually ship the produce on the same day of harvesting.

We transport Ethiopia coriander under custom refrigerated vehicles that preserve them for long durations. This means that between the farm transport and unpacking at the Bola International Airport, Addis Ababa, they will still have 99.6 percent standard color, moisture and aromatic quality as when they left the farm.

You can avail your order today of Ethiopia coriander by contacting us directly. You are assured of three key guarantees in each shipment: quality, quantity and price. Quality indicators include custom packaging in well-sealed, pre-cooled boxes, as well as the fact that the product comes from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farms. We meet your quantity by sourcing an exact tonnage as you specify that we store within a day of the order date. Our prices are very competitive and reflect the general produce affordability of Ethiopia in general. Make your order today!

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