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We provide high quality Ethiopia basil to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia basil from family growers from the country.

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Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is among the most important herbs across the globe and it has the acronym of ‘King of herbs.’ In Ethiopia, the subspecies goes under the name Sacred basil and the local name bessobela. It has grown in the wild for generations, with locals harvesting it by hand before sun-drying it for spicing meals like pasta and leguminous dishes. The original home of the typical basil is India, where it has grown under cultivation since 3000 B.C.

Basil comes with a magnesium content of 16 percent worth of the daily nutritional value, while that of iron is 17 percent. Calcium represents 17 percent of the daily needs while vitamin C, for boosting immunity, stands at 30 percent of the daily requirements. Each serving of the herb has zero percent saturated fat, and zero cholesterol, which keeps the heart healthy. With a dietary fiber content of 1.6 grams, basil provides 6% of the daily needs for this fiber that assists in digestion.

We source Ethiopia basil from farmers in Wondo Genet and other southern Ethiopia regions. We also obtain the crop from the southern area of Tigray in northern Ethiopia. Family growers usually plant the crop about 25 to 35 inches from each other to offer breathing space. Because the farmers plant the herb in high embankments of soils in about three rows per bed, they make harvesting easy. They also use no chemicals since they possess Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates.

We harvest basil from Ethiopia according to the purpose of the crop: either as a fresh herb, oil processing or dried form. For the fresh leaves, we usually cut them a few inches above the lowest two leaf formations with all the upper foliage going into the basket. For the leaves meant for drying, we pick the leaves when immature, just before the flowers appear. For oil processing purposes, we go for the plants when all flowers have showed. We do the picking in the warm climate of the country about three seasons each year after which we cut the stems about four inches over the ground for regrowth.

We prepare the Ethiopia basil leaves before packing through hygienic methods. We first of all sort out any foreign matter like weed clinging to the leaves. We then wash them through a custom pass where clean water flows out onto a drain, leaving the leaves spotless and well-drained.

We pack Ethiopia basil in bulk boxes that are pre-cooled at 10° Celsius. We only store the produce boxes for a little duration after packing to allow moisture conversation and reduce chilling variations which may affect quality. We wrap each whole stem and leaves in polyethylene or plastic to reduce dehydration on transit. We then place them either in the waxed boxes or clamshells for export.

We also pack dried Ethiopia basil after subjecting the leaves to temperatures above 32° Celsius. Once dry, we then process oil under low temperature distillation process. The leaves first undergo milling or crushing. They then produce their oil through distillation. We add no other ingredient and thus our oil is only wholesome and extra-virgin. We pack the oil in bottles of 300 milliliters and up to 1 liter per package.

We store fresh basil from Ethiopia under temperatures below 10°C throughout their short-term delay at the packinghouse. We then deliver them to the airport using refrigerated vehicles. You can expect the shipment to reach your destination in as little as one to two days after dispatch depending on your city in Europe, Middle-east, the US and Asia.

Thus, if you are seeking the finest quality Ethiopia basil, you can consider us your rightful suppliers. We source the produce from only family growers with responsible, organic farming records who employ only farmyard manure and practice little use of pesticides. When you place an order with us you enjoy fair pricing that suits your budget and reflects on your total tonnage compared with other regional suppliers. Make your order today!

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