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We provide high quality Ethiopia cardamom to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia cardamom from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia cardamom (E. cardomum) is a spicy herb that consists of multiple, tiny seed pods and develops into triangular or pointed oval shapes. Their outer capsules are usually feather-like and hide the spicy black seeds inside. The original home of the spice may have been Sri Lanka in the 1200s A.D. Ethiopia also produces the crop in great measure supplemented by regional producers, such as Tanzania.

We source Ethiopia cardamom, whose Amharic term is Korarima from the southern spice-growing region. It comes from the subspecies Aframomum corrorima and consists of green pods that turn brown when dry. Its taste is rather starkly pronounced in comparison with the true cardamom and its size is also bigger. We source the seeds from the family growers who own less than 1.5 hectares. We dry the produce before transportation.

Each cardamom comes with a high nutritional value with dietary fiber hitting 112 percent of the daily requirements. The produce has a vitamin C content of 35 percent while that of iron for transporting oxygen in blood is usually 77 percent of the daily requirements. For immunity against diseases, consuming cardamom provides the body with around 35 percent of the daily needs. For strong teeth enamel, the herb comes with around 38 percent of the daily needs of calcium.

We harvest Ethiopia cardamom by removing capsules off the ground, and rinsing the soil off before putting them in the harvest gunny bags. Immediately after selecting the green pods that are yet to fully mature, we then insert them in soda solutions for about ten minutes to keep the green pigment intact as it is the main indicator of quality. Our family growers do their harvesting each month during a picking process that can last for five months.

Upon each harvest, we wash the Ethiopia cardamom in pure, distilled water that has undergone pre-treatment with safe chemicals. We store the dried produce under relative humidity conditions of between 72 and 85 percent optimum. Our harvests contain of the recommended moisture level of between 8 to 12% during the date of shipment.

Before packing Ethiopia cardamom, we sort the capsules by grade. The greenest ones are usually the most demanded, and thus come first in each sorting process. We pack the produce in custom gunny bags that have polyerythene linings. These also serve as the storage materials. We also pack the produce in containers that have waterproof qualities.

We transport Ethiopia cardamom under custom refrigerated vehicles that maintain the dry conditions that are essential for the long life of the produce. You can expect the shipment to reach your destination in one to two days spending on your part of the globe.

Thus, if you are seeking high quality Ethiopia cardamom, look no further than us, the best supplying agents. We source the produce from only family growers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Because of the hygienic handling that our produce receives, it always keeps as fresh as it was in the field during the transit journey and will arrive at your destination crisp green. Our prices are among the lowest in the market and you can always expect us to suit your budget. Make your order today while specifying the right tonnage!

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