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We provide high quality Ethiopia bittermelon to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia bittermelon from family growers from the country.

Also known as bitter gourd, Ethiopia bittermelon (Momordica charantia) is a fruit that serves as both medicinal herb and dish. Its origin was India where for three thousand years it served in local medicine. It came to China in the 1300s A.D. It now grows exotically in many African nations, including Ethiopia. Both the fruits and leaves go into cuisine as wholesome or garnishing treats. The fruits are eaten in chopped form when cooked while leaves when they are quite young serve as greens.

Each fruit consists of 92 percent the daily value of vitamin C. For good eyesight, consuming the yellow-orange fruit when it is ripe is essential as it comes with 48% Vitamin A content per serving. It is also a good source of the metabolism nutrient, vitamin B-6 at 40 percent. Magnesium is 23 percent while dietary fiber is just 7 percent but essential. In medicine, it has served as a remedy for cough, laxative, abdominal disorders and even in the control of cancer and some diabetic conditions.

We source our Ethiopia bittermelon from Tigray in northern Ethiopia. The crop thrives along the shores of the Genfel River under both rain-fed agriculture and irrigation. We place orders with family growers who form contracts for growing us the crop. They practice organic means of cultivation free of chemical sprays.

We harvest bittermelon in Ethiopia two times a week when the fruits are firm and nearly ripe. This is usually around 2 months after transplantation from the nursery. Our produce agents guide farmers to only select the fruits that are still green because they keep fresh before ripening. We chop the stalk holding the fruit by sharpened scissors. Immediately after the picking process in the morning hours, we cart away the fruits from the sun for temporary handling. Eventual packing follows.

We sort and clean Ethiopia bittermelon in a shaded place such as our warehouse. We cull the firm, healthy, green fruits from any yellow or orange colored fruits. We then clean the green selections in a hygienic towel that is dampened with pure clean water. We then grade the fruits according to their sizes as well as greenness, freshness and even shape. The firmer the fruit the better it is.

We pack Ethiopia bittermelon in 13.5 or 14 kg produce boxes. We usually first transport them to the packing shed after which we sort the best and keep them in their boxes. Each bitter gourd undergoes wrapping in soft paper before enclosing in a box. This reduces the formation of latex. Our boxes are usually plastic, wooden or even African bamboo. For additional freshness, we cushion the produce with plantain leaves.

We transport Ethiopia bittermelon in custom vehicles to the airport at Bola International. We use paddings on the packing part of the vehicle to ensure little incidence of produce mishandling on bumpy roads. You can expect the shipment to reach you one to two days by air or a few more days by sea via the Djibouti route.

We are therefore your one-stop supplier of the vibrant, huge, greenish orange Ethiopia bittermelons. We scour the country for family growers with a good record of growing the crop under organic conditions. As a testament to this, all of our farmers are certified with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). On the score of quantity, we deliver by the tonnage that you specify. We also offer the most competitive prices in the region that reflect the market conditions in Ethiopia and globally. Talk to us today and make an order!

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