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We provide high quality Ethiopia cherry tomatoes to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia cherry tomatoes from family growers from Ethiopia.

The Ethiopia cherry tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is distinct from its plum, oblong or oval shape. It normally weighs as little as half a pound. Its main distinction is tasteful juicy interior with a highly reddish flesh. The reason the variety goes by the name black Ethiopian tomato is because its red flesh has some signs of blackish or brownish tinges.

The first evidence of cherry tomatoes in the world was in the Mexican Aztec or Maya civilization of the 1400’s A.D. It was not until a century later that Europeans adapted the farming of the yellow type of the berry-like tomato. The US began the cultivation of the vegetable as late as 1919. The Ethiopia black variety may have had its origins in Eastern Europe, possibly Ukraine. Sources show that the tomato may have come to the horn of Africa country in 1935 or 1940 but the cherry type may have come as late as 1995 from Ukraine.

We source our Ethiopia cherry tomatoes from the Jimma, Shawa and Walo as well as East Wallagha areas of the county. In these parts, family growers cultivate it next to other subsistence legumes and fruit trees. About 32 to 40 percent of the small-scale farmers in the region cultivate the produce under irrigation while the rest depend on rain water.

The areas consist of fertile soil, plenty of sun and access to water, which helps nurture the fruits into a rich red hue when ripe. It is available once per year from its vines, or climbing supports, which can enable it to reach 1 meter and 20 centimeters in height.

The cherry tomato features in common staple diets in Ethiopia. The best known include the cucumber salad. The other is the Ethiopian tomato salad that consists of ginger that combines with olive oil and pepper to form a savory, spicy warm up dish. The tomato dishes are highly nutritious with a vitamin A content of 17 percent of the daily value for improving eyesight. Vitamin C is present at a higher proportion of 21 percent. Each serving offers the body 18 energy calories of which the fat content in either saturated or unsaturated content is zero percent. It also has a marginal iron content of 2 percent.

Our Ethiopia cherry tomato harvest takes place when the berries have just changed their green growth color into a slight red. We pluck each from the stalk because when it is mature it does not cling tightly to the stem. The local variety can undergo picking for over three months, because the cherry tomatoes mature in different dates.

Before packing the produce, we transport the small-sized berries in wooden crates under low temperature conditions. We pack our Ethiopia cherry tomatoes at the warehouse in 25-pound/12.5 kilo produce boxes. We keep the produce boxes onto 12-point or 96-pound flats which enable them to be easily transported.

We sort the Ethiopia cherry tomatoes into two grades, including the smallest sizes, which can go to as small as thumb sizes. We also have the large-sized variety that can be as large as a tennis ball. You can determine the size of tonnage to ship by specifying before the season is over so that we can meet the quantity.

Our storage parameters are international and phytosanitary in nature. When storing the fruits under a relative humidity of 85 percent, we use rubber gloves to reduce contamination. We keep them overnight at temperatures of between 10 and 12° Celsius to maintain their water content. In the rare circumstances where we have to keep them longer than seven days, we maintain humidity at between 80 and 85 percent to conserve freshness and maintain moisture retention.

Thus, if you are looking forward to the best Ethiopia cherry tomatoes, we assure you of the best supply from the heart of the country. We only source them from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) regions. Our farmers provide only organically-grown produce that receives no chemical sprays. Our produce undergoes phytosanitary check-up to ascertain that it does not exceed 0.01% of minimum residual levels (MRLs). Our prices are quite fair while the quantity meets your tonnage specification. For more information or to make an order, contact us today!

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