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We provide high quality Ethiopia broccoli to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia broccoli from family growers in the country.

Broccoli (Brassica Oleracea) grows in the southwestern tip of Ethiopia. The planting season begins around March and April awaiting the onset of the rainy season. The main growing area is Jimma where farmers begin their cropping season as early as February of each year. It thrives well within the temperatures of 18 to 24 degrees celsius, which the horn of Africa climate meets.

The origin of the Ethiopia broccoli may be the sea cabbage that first thrived in the Mediterranean region of southern Europe. This fresh produce has undergone selective interbreeding to bring out the current common variety in typical farms. The main distinguishing feature of this cabbage family plant is the solid head that looks halfway like a malformed flower and a greenish leafy curd. When not grown as a cash crop, this vegetable serves as a delicacy in local recipes. For instance, it is a main ingredient in the Berbere chicken curry recipe.

Many societies that either grow or import broccoli use it for its high nutrition. In Western countries as in Ethiopia, people consume the vegetable to gain eye health courtesy of its high vitamin A content. It is also a major source of minerals like calcium, potassium and sulphur. Its vitamin C content is very high at 148 percent of the daily value, a reason for consuming the leafy produce to gain immunity against diseases. It has virtually no fat content, which is good for bad cholesterol control.

We ship Ethiopia broccoli to the neighboring countries, especially Djibouti. Our Middle-east main destinations include the UAE, which receives around 5970 metric tons monthly from all combined exports of the country especially in 2016. Saudi Arabia is also a major near-East recipient. The main European destination is the United Kingdom.

Our produce agents supervise the harvest of the broccoli from designate Ethiopian farms to ensure that only heads with firm, mature formation with no hint of a flower are picked. To prevent direct sun effects, the farmhands do the reaping in the early hours of the day. They use custom cutlery tools to sever the heads about 6″ into the attaching stalk. The post-harvest workers then thoroughly wash the fruit followed by equally meticulous drying.

We then pack the washed heads of the vegetable in well sealed polyethylene material. The sealed produce then goes into cartons that have waxed interiors to allow for freshness during transit. During this time of preparation, our warehouse experts also pre-cool the vegetable at around 1° Celsius with a relative humidity of 95 percent.

We also pack the heads that are resplendent in purplish green natural colors in 10 to 18 bushels per box. Each box can be around 23 pounds, which is the international standard for the vegetable. The crop is also pre-cooled within the box with ice sconces, at around 0° Celsius. The humidity levels are usually around 90 to 95 percent.

The transportation mode of the Ethiopia broccoli is mostly by air. We transport the shipment to the Bola International Airport in custom boxes that contain the well-sealed produce inside the cartons that have been waxed. We can guarantee the arrival of the content in a fresh condition without any odor or rot as it otherwise happens in many ill-packed containers.

We deliver the vegetable to our clients within the shortest time possible after meeting phytosanitary and processing concerns. You have the guarantee of fresh, certified Ethiopia broccoli from family farms with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Our prices are fair in comparison with those of other exporting firms, besides the quantity allowance and quality guarantee. If this fits your request specifications, drop us a line with your order details.

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