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We provide high quality Ethiopia bananas to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia bananas from family growers in the country.

Ethiopia banana, also common as desert banana, is one of the mainstays of the economy. The crop occupies nearly 60% of all fruit production area in the country. Its total production level is 68 percent of all fruits. Only mango comes close to its wide popularity despite beginning widespread cultivation as recent as the 1980s.

It is rather interesting to report the history of Ethiopia banana. The introduction into the largest growing districts of Arba Minch Zuria, alongside Mirab Abaya in the Gano Gofa province began in 1984. Farmers in the region were used to subsistence crops like corn and sweet potatoes and they needed a new source of nutrition. Prisoners were inducted to grow the new banana crops under irrigation in simple peasant farms, and the rest is history. The region, where we also source our banana produce has some eleven thousand hectares of the crop, currently. The region supplies Addis Ababa with eighty percent of the crop due to the better taste of the fruit over those from other districts.

Family growers cultivate the Dwarf Cavendish variety that reaches six feet in height and produces a sweet, tasty banana. The Giant Cavendish with its relatively high height and irregular bunches is also a common feature in smallholder farms. Newer varieties including Grand Nain, poyo, and Williams also thrive in the Gamo-Gofa banana producing area. There are ask the exclusive new cultivars of Butuzua and Robusta, which are available in the country.

Because of the wide adoption even in new areas in the south, like Tigray and mango-rich Oromia, to the west, Ethiopia banana is available all year-round. Other than its sweetness when ripe, its rich nutrition makes it a popular export. A single piece consists of extremely high levels of potassium. Its immunity vitamins B6 and C total 0.5 milligrams and 9 milligrams, respectively per serving. Its dietary fiber for better digestion is 3 grams.

The main areas where we source our Ethiopia banana are Arba-Minch Zuria as well as Mirab-Abaya. The districts are situated in the southern parts of the Great Rift Valley. The areas are conducive to the warm temperate growing needs of bananas. This is why the fruits are completely natural as they need no fertilizers other than manure to thrive on the shorelines of such water sources as Raya river and Lake Abaya.

The harvesting process for our Ethiopia banana begins with measuring the optimal diameter of the hands, which should be ideally the same. The bunch is then cut meticulously before surface transportation by truck to the packing house. The fruits then go into a storage area. Ideally, the test for the export-ready banana requires the careful removal of one single finger from a bunch and cutting it into two. If it is completely white inside and has no smell, then it indicates that the entire hand is unripe and can be shipped.

Upon harvest, Ethiopia bananas consist of an average 12 hands for each bunch. The weights for every hand range at around 2.3 kilos. The lengths of the banana are usually at an average of 7.6 inches.

A 25-gram banana costs an average $0.19 in the home markets. A kilo goes for around $0.4, thus bringing value for money over a smaller weight. Ethiopia exports around 60,000 metric tons across the Gulf of Aden to Saudi Arabia. Europe and other Middle-east countries also provide an ever-expanding market for the banana producing country.

Before shipment, our Ethiopia banana shipment is tested for phytosanitary conformity at Dire Dawa or Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa.

Thus, if you are seeking for the best organic, high quality shipment of Ethiopia bananas, look no further than this website. We source only from family growers especially in the southern regions. Shipment takes place a few days after your order, give or take. Our prices are quite competitive while the quality is above par. Do make an order now.

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