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We provide high quality Ethiopia African olives to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia African olives from family growers in Ethiopia.

African olive (Olea europaea Africana) differs from its European or south Mediterranean counterparts from its invasive growth, sometimes as weed. This is why it does well in both its native subtropical climates like in Ethiopia and temperate regions like Australia. In Ethiopia, it grows in the Afromontane belt, which describes the forested and animal-rearing areas that extend from Ethiopia to across the southern parts of the Arabian Peninsula. This is usually around Eastern Ethiopian dry lands. The tree can be as tall as 45 feet. Its physical appearance includes green leaves with grayish highlights. Its trunk is not straight but twisted.

We source our Ethiopia African olive from the eastern drylands. Here, the fruits serve as only food for people and animals as this variety does not grow for oil production purposes. We harvest fruits that are either green or purplish-dark when in their ripened condition.

There are many traditional uses of both the tree and the fruit. The tree is a source of the strong clubs that pastoralists in Ethiopia and Kenya make because of its very hard wood. The wood also serves as a source of furniture material. The fruits is a herbal potion for overcoming malaria, cold sores as well as high blood pressure.

The harvesting of Ethiopia African olive requires a very careful process. This is why we send our produce agents to supervise the process. They ensure that only healthy fruits with firm, sizable husks undergo harvesting. We use catching nets on long perpendicular sticks to pick the fruits without letting them fall to the ground. Other factors we consider during a harvest is the maturity of the fruit, which while still green, has its seed detachable from inside, while its succulent flesh has turned into soft.

In packing our Ethiopia African olives, we prepare at least two fruit types. The first ones are whole green olives or whole pitted olives. For the green ones, the harvesting takes place just after the fruits have reached the recommended size for harvesting, when they are still green. For pitted ones, they can either be green or a little ripe, only that we remove their stones or seeds for processing. The pitted shipments appear the same as the unaltered whole fruits because after the removal of the seed, the fruits and husks retain their original shapes.

When packing, we usually dry the green and pitted table olives in either brine or salt solution. The purpose is to reduce their water content by a high margin. This helps the fruits to lose transportation weight and extend their shelf life because of low water content. For pitted fruits, we ensure that the weight does not go below or above the international standard, i.e 40% of the original weight. For whole green Ethiopia African olives, we make sure that the weight after dehydration remains 50% of the original.

We process the fruits for consumption to decrease their bitterness. Our team inserts the whole fruits into lye or brine liquid for fermentation. We keep the African olives for at least eight hours after harvest in the solution at 3 to 3.5° Celsius. We then keep them in another pass of diluted water containing 7 percent brine. After rinsing, we then directly ship the fruits which can be ready for consumption in a week after this fermentation.

Packing Ethiopia African olives is different from other fruits. They require immersing in a liquid such as their own processed oil, water or brine, during their container shipment. The reason is to lend them the great shiny appearance. However, you can obtains less sizable processed olives of as little as 30 grams that are exported by air costing $1.69 per pack.

So, if you are in need of table Ethiopia African olives, talk to us today for more details. We provide shipment of either the green or pitted selections that you can start consuming within 7 days after we pack them. You can receive the packs of our fairly priced, high quality fruits from family grower orchards in a day or two depending on your part of the world. Make an order today!

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