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We provide high quality Ethiopia apples to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia apples from family growers in the country.

The Ethiopia apple is a relatively new temperate fruit in the country. They originated from Mennonite Missionaries in 1940. The fathers brought along other cold weather crops including plums and pears. However, the very first orchard of the apples by the Catholic group was lost after a tribal army overturned the government and destroyed the fruit plantation. It was not until 1991 that the post-junta Ethiopia government renewed the growth of apples and other temperate fruits.

The apple fruit has grown into the imagination of the locals as well. In many markets from Merkato in the south to Addis Ababa to to the north, Ethiopia apples are on common street display. There are both scarlet and yellow types that compete with the mainstream tropical fruits like pineapples, bananas and citrus. A single piece, especially out of season, can go to as high as 10 birr ($0.3), quite expensive to many local people.

We source our Ethiopia apples from Chencha, a region that enjoys above seventy varieties of the fruit. The most important exports, however, are the red and green varieties. The region is situated in the south of the country, a little distance from Arba Minch, an important market town. The farmers in this part are mainly small-scale and they plant unto 10 trees in their compounds. Other parts of the Gamo Gofa zone where Chencha is found, with substantial apple production include Sidama and Wolayta. The advantage of these areas is that they are above 2450m in altitude, which favors the temperate climatic needs of the trees.

We source different varieties of Ethiopia apples from family growers. These include Jonagold, a Belgian variety that has a characteristic brilliant appearance and sweet, crunchy flesh, which the subtropical sun enhances. Besides, the country has local subtropical weather varieties known as Bound Red alongside Anna. The Anna cultivar has its origin in the hot mediterranean climate of Israel. There are two harvesting seasons of especially the local types, which leaves only one month without supplies.

Because most farmers have at least seven trees per orchard, we source only from family growers who sustain Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). They input little artificial fertilizers and their crops are usually high quality due to newness to arable land where apples have never grown.

Some of the ingredients you reap by the consumption of apples include a low fat and cholesterol combination. Apples also provide four grams of fiber for a healthy gastric system. There are also vitamins B and C to help boost your immunity.

We market our Ethiopia apples to both local resellers and international destinations. In the reseller scene, we follow the current supply chains that farmers have established, including grocery malls, various foreign embassies in Addis Ababa and resort facilities.

Our packing facilities are equipped for sorting and the grading of Ethiopia apples. The fruits first go into the storage site and are removed from the packing bins into the conveyors. When they reach the sorting workforce, the workers remove the small, unhealthy and bruised fruits. Only standard sizes and healthy fruits remain, which then go into the washing area. We use only internationally credited food-safe disinfecting solutions during the washing. The apples then undergo a clean water rinse and eventual drying.

We usually pack our fruits in cartons. The packers usually put fruits by grade and size. Then we do labeling that takes into consideration such details as the size, variety and grade. The best grades are of the largest size and are in an unripe condition.

So, of you want to make an apple pie out of the freshest Ethiopia apples, look no further than this website. We are well endowed to source the best certified apples from family growers and ship them directly from Addis Ababa on time and convenience. With very fair prices, our apples provide good value for money for customers from around the world. Make an order today!

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