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We provide high quality Ethiopia carrots to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia carrots from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia carrots (Daucus carota) belong to the Western species or var sativus that consist of an orange tap root as opposed to the Asian species of purple roots. It is available in central-northern areas surrounding Addis Ababa, especially in the Shewa province. The vegetable is most famous for its legendary vitamin A content for good eyesight, which though it is not the highest among fresh produce, is justly famous for it clocks 104 percent of the daily value. The pro-vitamin A nutrient in form of beta-carotene boosts eyesight especially when there are eye problems.

The carrot first emerged in Afghanistan about 3000 B.C., in domesticated form. It had existed years earlier in different wild colors including purple. In Ethiopia, the only native carrot its the Daucus hochstetteri species that grows on its own in the sandy hilly areas with good erosion that transports mineral sediments at elevations of between 1650 and 2700 meters. Unlike the main commercial carrot, this variety has a white tuber.

We source our orange-colored Ethiopia carrot from the Shewa region which straddles both Oromia and Amhara parts of the country that surround Addis Ababa. Our main sources include Merhabete as well as Mida Woromo, two districts in Shewa. The crop is available through most of the year as it grows under irrigation due to the mainly warm climate of the area for a crop that requires over 2000 meters altitude to thrive well. The plant matures in as few as 75 days and as many as 90 days, which makes it a biennial for many cash crop family growers.

We provide about four varieties of Ethiopia carrots that are mostly grown from imported seeds. The most common include Nantes, Chantenay, Vikima and Safety. Nantes is the most preferential type for most farmers because it has a ready market, owing to its crunchy, firm root and sweet taste.

The nutritional facts of the Ethiopia carrot include its vitamin A at 104 percent, beta-carotene, at 77 percent and vitamin C, at 7 percent of the daily value. The root’s dietary fiber is at 2.8 grams while its starch content is 9.6 grams, providing high energy levels of 173 kilo joules.

Our produce agents provide back up to farmers during a typical harvest to ensure that they uproot the healthy ones. We only harvest roots whose shoulders have reached half an inch or there-quarters of an inch in width.

We pack Ethiopia carrots in two forms. The first one is in the bunched method, which features six to eight bunches of the tubers in natural tying fibers. Our warehouse staff then packs the bunched produce in boxes, in form of 1 1/8 bushel-size boxes. Each package receives a top ice covering during transit.

The second packing method is loose carrots. We include as much as 25 pounds (14 kilos) in cartons that have either interior film linings or are waxed for preservation purposes. We then keep the raw carrots in 25-pound packages in every 5/9 bushel carton. We also offer larger packaging of 50 pounds (22.68 kilograms), per large-sized carton. For these bulk produce, we always perforate the boxes even after placing top ice on top of the pre-cooled tapered greens.

With our very ready supply of Ethiopia carrots in season from Ethiopia, you can be assured of availing the highest quality produce from the highlands of the country. We source our carrots, including the earlier harvest of 50-day old baby carrots at least two times a year from the Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farmers. The shipment can arrive at your destination in a timely manner of between one to two days from the date of shipment by air. Our prices are also quite competitive with a guarantee of quality. Get in touch today or make an order!

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