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We provide high quality Ethiopia Black Pepper to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia black pepper from family growers from Ethiopia.

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) from Ethiopia is composite of peppercorn which are usually fruit-like seeds that are quite spicy for any seasoning purpose. They are either harvested when they are immature but in dried form but can also be ready for consumption in raw but green undried form. They also have ripe seeds which go under the name of white pepper. The term black pepper drives from the fact that the pods come in a dark scarlet shade which may appear as quite black from far. One stem of the crop can bear up to 30 spikes with respective seeds.

The original home of black pepper may have been the Indian subcontinent. Long before in the Middle Ages, this produce was not available in Europe. However, the Roman Empire may have created trade with other nations, which led to the distribution of pepper across the globe. The closest record of the spice near Ethiopia was the mummification of bodies with pepper extracts in 1200 BC’s Egypt. Vasco da Gama, in as late as the tail end of the 1400s was the sole explorer to India whom many credit as creating trade routes for the pepper varieties available today in even Ethiopia.

Black pepper as a herb has been providing medicinal qualities for curing arthritis and other bone diseases for generations. It usually also serves in providing relief from nausea, joint fever and complicated headaches. Its rich composition of extra-nutrients is also good for improving digestion and sore throat. Peppercorns also offer oil for medicinal and beauty purposes that comes from crushing the dry drupes and then cold-pressing the herbal liquid from them.

It serves in meals such as Maquartre espices, a European dish that is made up of the white seeds of the black pepper mixed with other spices like cloves and cinnamon. It is also possible to find in salty foods because of its vibrant ability to neutralize the meals.

We source our Ethiopia black pepper from the southern areas of the country especially in Sheka Zone. The area has many small-scale growers who not only cultivate the black variety but bell pepper and other red hot chilly varieties like berbere. A kilogram of black pepper in this area goes at an average value of 120 birr ($4). We also offer the farmers complimentary prices which help them cultivate the best crop that grows under organic, farmyard-manure fed fields.

The harvesting process of Ethiopia black pepper underscores our commitment to phytosanitary control. We have at least one plant health inspector from the government ensuring that our hand-harvesting methods conform to sanitary measures. This monitoring continues throughout the mechanical processing stage.

We process black pepper though a phytosanitary procedure. The first step involves cleaning the pods. The second one is that of removing the outer dark pod of Ethiopia black pepper, which leaves the white drupe open. We then grind the drupe into powder. Air blowing and separating sieves usually do away with extra foreign materials such as dirt, twigs and the plant’s stems. We sometimes treat the entire crop with anti-bacteria safe products to ensure total sterilization.

We pack black pepper in polyurethane sachet bags that provide a long shelf life. We also pack the dried pods containing the seeds in packing jute bags that have polyurethane linings for fresh shipment. Each of our package undergoes treatment with hot water under cool storage conditions.

Therefore, if you are looking to the best black pepper from Ethiopia, you can count on us for ready shipping. Our careful harvesting, sorting and processing and eventual packing is per the industry’s guidelines. Our spices come from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-verified farming regions of the country. We also ensure that we cater for your budget with custom prices that reflect your exact tonnage. Make an order today!

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