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We provide high quality Ethiopia Cabbage Tree to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia cabbage tree from family growers from Ethiopia.

Variously common as Aleku, Aleko or Shiferaw, Ethiopia cabbage tree (Moringa stenopetala) or Moringa tree is one of the rare produce but with potential from the Southern Region in the Great Rift Valley. It grows in farms for its leaves that are similar to those of cabbage family plants. Locals commonly feature the leaves in their cuisine either whole or in crushed form. Other times the leaves serve as fodder for sheep, goats and cattle. The main traded part of the fresh produce is its seeds, which undergo processing to produce nutritious oily powder. In Ethiopia, the retailing price per two hundred grams of the seeds is around 50 Birr ($1.8).

There is no consensus on the origin of the vegetable but the Moringa stenopetala species is native to Ethiopia and neighboring Kenya. It has grown in the two countries in the cool mountainous regions.

We source Ethiopia cabbage tree seeds and leaves from the wild parts of the south of Ethiopia. Farmers grow the plants in terraced fields not only as a source of food and nutrition but for water conservation in the highlands. While the leaves go into the cuisine, seeds purify water, while in other parts the leaf extract serves as a traditional drug. The tree in these parts reaches around 12 meters in height.

The nutritional capacity of Ethiopia Moringa include its high mineral, protein and vitamin content. The leaves offer up to 100 percent of the daily value of calcium for toddlers, especially for teeth growth. The amount translates to 50 percent of the daily value of calcium needs in adults. There are also high amounts of iron from the seeds. The leaves are rich in vitamins including A for good eyesight and C for boosting body immunity against diseases. Its other content includes B6, and Vitamin D, with the latter being essential for strong bone formation. In culinary terms, mostly leaves feature in cooking. In some parts of India, the seeds of the plant are edible after rinsing in clear water and then boiling before serving with stew.

Our family grower sources harvest the leaves of the Ethiopia cabbage tree once per year. They can expect an output of between 700 kilos to 1000 kilos from every hectare, depending on the conservation measures. The harvesting period takes place at least two times a month when the immature seeds and leaves that were not picked earlier will have matured.

We pack Ethiopia cabbage tree seeds in 50kg sachet bags that are airtight and well-sealed to retain freshness. We also pack the threaded leaves that resemble dhania in sets of 12 to 24 bunches per box. Before packing we store the leaves and seeds in cool, dry packing sheds away from contamination. Alternatively, we also provide 50kg sachet bags of crushed leaves that are popular in local supermarkets as a sauce for sprinkling meals.

We also provide Moringa oil which we extract through cold pressing. The seeds undergo pressing after crushing into a powder. They then go through a cold distillation that separates water and oil content. A single harvest of a hectare can produce around two hundred and fifty liters of the oil. We provide 100 percent virgin quality that has no external additive. The purpose of the oil is in balm and cosmetic making.

Thus, you can expect the best high quality Ethiopia cabbage tree from us right from the heart of the volcanic soil and mountainous southern parts of the country. Not only is our quantity tailored to meet your specific tonnage, but we offer affordable pricing for every shipment of seeds, leaves or processed oil you avail from us. Furthermore, our sources are Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. Make an order today!

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