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We provide high quality Ethiopia white onions to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia white onions from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia white onion (Allium cepa) resembles garlic and like the spicy variety, it grows to the external appearance of a white featherlike membrane. However, unlike garlic, it tastes sweet. As in most of the tropical world, the local use of this species of the onion is to add flavor to other vegetables. This particular type is less abundant than the red onion in Ethiopia but it is readily available in the southern parts of the country. It is common to find people around the globe referring to the bulb as sweet white because of the distinctive sugary taste in comparison with other allium vegetables and spices.

We source our Ethiopia white onions from Gamu-Gofa region which lies to the south of the country. Farmers usually bring both red and white varieties to the market place at Arba Minch. We also reduce the post-harvest losses of around 13 percent that family growers in the Meki area experience between the growth and marketing phases to Addis Ababa by sourcing their produce right at their farms.

Our white onions from Ethiopia are rich in energy. They provide around 45 calories from each serving as their starch content stands at 4 percent of the daily value. They also consist of low sodium, 0 percent fat and no cholesterol. Their vitamin content includes Vitamin C.

The harvesting of Ethiopia white onions takes place in the early parts of the day to ensure same day harvesting and delivery. We select onions with white, thin, firm necks as these are the top grades. In case there are thick-necked types, we sort them into another grade. You can be assured that the sorting process takes place in a very meticulous manner.

We understand the fast deterioration rate of Ethiopia white onions which can go bad in as little as two days of harvesting. For this reason, we pack them immediately after harvesting. We pack them in two forms: scallions and dry. For the scallions we harvest the entire stem and tie the leaves in bunches consisting of half a dozen to 9 plants. We then pack them in two dozen bunches per 1/2 a bushel produce box which can be a carton or crate. We also offer higher sizes of between 40 to 48 bunches that fit in 1 1/9 bushel boxes. Each package receives a top ice injection to prolong its shelf life on transit.

For dry white onions, we first dry them in our warehouse in wide mesh jute bags. We then place each bulb carefully after examining it for its firmness and health into 50-pound bags. We seal the bags with top ice to preserve the dryness of the produce throughout the shipping process.

During transportation, we ensure that the Ethiopia white onions are in wide jute bags that have better ventilation than small-sized mesh bags. Secondly, we use plastic covering on each to preserve its quality and aroma. We store the crop under a controlled temperature environment that is preferably cool and dry.

If you are in need of the best quality white onions from Ethiopia, look no further than from us. We offer the guarantee of timely delivery and store the produce in optimal atmospheric conditions for fresh preservation. Our sources are mainly family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Our produce receives phytosanitary handling during the post-harvesting process, where our farmhands wear gloves. With our competitive pricing and exacting quantity parameters, you can expect the best affordable processing of your order from us. Make an order today!

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