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Tanzania cherry tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme) or tungule in Swahili is a close relative of the garden tomato (Solanum L.) or nyanya in Swahili. Evidence points to its being interbred from a wild variety and the garden tomato. Like its cousin, it thrives into a bright red or yellow color with a star-shaped green button after removing the stalk. Though it is mostly round in shape, the fruit may also look oval in some variations. Small to an almost thumb-like size, the cherry grows on a climbing vine. It thrives in the coastal and eastern areas of Tanzania mainly under irrigation.  The origin of the cherry may have been Mexico at the height of the Aztec civilization at around 1400 A.D.

In Tanzania, cherry tomatoes make for sumptuous salads that feature spices such as garlic. They are common ingredients in meals like pilau or rice, usually as a side dish or preparatory vegetable.

The nutritional side of the cherry tomato includes lush vitamin C content that hits 17 percent of the daily requirements. This level is complemented by vitamin E at 4 percent, which supports immunity against diseases. The margin of vitamin K, which helps in blood clotting, is 8 percent of the daily requirements.  The proportion of potassium, which is essential for balancing the electrolytes in blood stands at 5 percent. The level of thiamine is 3 percent of the daily value. There are also bone-strengthening minerals, namely magnesium and phosphorous, each at 3 percent of the daily requirements. The vitamin A margin for good eyesight stands at 5 percent, supplemented by that of beta-carotene at 4 percent.

We source Tanzania cherry tomatoes from the eastern and northern areas of the country. Our Morogolo, Kilimanjaro area, and coastal family growers have an average of 0.5 hectares under the crop. They use organic means to cultivate it inclusive of farmyard compost and apply little or no farm sprays.

We harvest Tanzania cherry tomatoes on the 55th day after planting. By now many of the fruits will have turned half yellow over their green skin. We do not wait for hints of red as we pick the mature selections at this stage while they are still firm. Our gloved farmhands pluck the fruits with the aid of garden scissors which let them retain a centimeter of stalk attached to the tomato’s button. We take the fruits immediately to the packing shed for cleaning, sorting and then packing.

We pack Tanzania cherry tomatoes in 12-pint flat boxes. We volume-fill them in a single layer to prevent any crushing especially since the small-sized fruits are delicate. We use polyethylene linings in each box to keep the produce well hydrated throughout the journey. Our boxes feature the labeling details of the name of produce, the source, the net weight, and the destination.

We store Tanzania cherry tomatoes at the temperature range of 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. This gives them a shelf life of at least 14 days. We maintain a relative humidity of 90 percent. Our warehouses are dimly lit but well-ventilated to keep freshness levels and preserve the maturity color of the fruit.

In short, if you are hankering after Tanzania cherry tomatoes, you have now got a partner supplier to talk to. We have multiple farmers of the crop who do their utmost best to reduce chemical residual by practicing pesticide-free farming. Besides, we curate only sources that have undergone training for Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). You will get your cargo on time, in the right quantity and at pocket-friendly prices.Make an order today!


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