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Tanzania broccoli (Brassica oleracea) is one of the strangest-looking vegetables with minute, closely packed green heads attached to thick stalks. Similar to the curd of cauliflower, that of broccoli is firm, but it is a constituent of hundreds of flowers that form a curd. The head may appear halfway between a misshapen flower and a dome of green foliage that has failed to open like a cabbage. The plant thrives in the cooler regions of the country, particularly in Iringa. Here, family growers intercrop it with other vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce and the leading crop, the tomato. The name of the vegetable in Swahili is kabichi ya brokoli.

The origins of broccoli in southern Europe are from the sea cabbage. From there the oldest species interbred with newer ones. This led to the emergence of present-day varieties.

The highest nutritional derivation from broccoli is vitamin C which stands at 148 percent of the daily requirements. The level of vitamin A is 12 percent of the daily value. The volume of vitamin B-6 for enhancing metabolism is 10 percent of the daily requirements. Dietary fiber mirrors this proportion with its 10 percent representation per serving. Magnesium, for strong bones, represents 5 percent of the daily requirements.  There is also potassium present at about 9 percent of the daily needs. The vegetable prevents high cholesterol buildup, detoxifies the body and keeps diseases away.

We source Tanzania broccoli from the environs of Iringa in the south, Tanga in the north-east, Arusha in the north and Morogolo in the east. We make contact with family growers who have less than two acres of land under which they enrich via farmyard manure. They also reduce harmful practices by little or no use of farm sprays.

We harvest Tanzania broccoli at dawn when there is little effect of sunlight. We look for firm heads that have no sign of a flower as this indicates full maturity. Our glove-clad workers choose mature heads and use sharp scissors to sever them. They retain some 6 inches of the stalks for handling. They then put the harvest in designate bags that they keep in the shade until the picking is over.

We then wash the broccoli in pure, running stream of water to remove dirt and extract any stains.  We follow this by the careful drying of the heads to kill off bacteria. We keep the produce dry just enough without dehydrating it.

We pack Tanzania broccoli in 23-pound boxes that have a size of around 10 or 18 bushels. We keep the produce in a near-frozen condition by lining the interiors of the boxes with film material. We also pre-cool the boxes before putting the produce. We attach the labels inclusive of such details as the date of packing, the net weight, the name of the vegetable and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania broccoli at the base temperature of 0 degrees Celsius in a dimly-lit cold room. We maintain a relative humidity of between 90 and 95 percent. We continue with this control temperature when we load the produce into our refrigerated vans. We usually allow a few delivery hours to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam after which the cargo reaches you in a day.

With the dedicated delivery of Tanzania broccoli as expeditiously as possible, we are the most authoritative suppliers of the produce in the East Africa region. Since we obtain this vegetable from family growers who cultivate it under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), you have the assurance of low residual levels. We also get the produce in sufficient quantities that meet your exact requirements. The prices we offer are also among the lowest in the market. This is why you should make an order today!

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