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Tanzania cauliflowers (Brassica oleracea) or koliflawa in Swahili are strange-looking vegetables that nevertheless have plenty of users courtesy of their nutrient-laden white, pink or purple curds. The cheese-looking head cooks well in salads and side dishes. Its origin was Cyprus or Greece in the eastern Mediterranean about the 1st century A.D. The Roman era writers often cited it as the tastiest cabbage-family vegetable. In Tanzania, the temperate vegetable is only a recent addition, but it has attracted plenty of demand and hence a boost in production in recent years.

As a highly nutritious vegetable, Tanzania cauliflower has plenty of vitamin C, at 58 percent of the daily requirements. The level of water is quite high at 92 grams for every 100 grams or about 98 percent of the daily needs. This level gets complemented by the vitamin K level which is about 15 percent of the daily requirements. The potassium content is just below the 10 percent mark, the same as manganese and magnesium. The first is essential for blood pressure control while the last two minerals keep the bones well-formed and healthy.

We source Tanzania cauliflower from family growers in Iringa region who own an average of 0.5 hectares. They come from the cool areas in the south where the ideal temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. We train our farmers on the latest crop technologies such as aquaponics to improve yields without resorting on the use of harmful chemicals. We also keep our produce free of commercial fertilizers. Instead, our farmers apply farmyard manure, which is readily available from their livestock.

We harvest Tanzania cauliflower by ascertaining the maturity of heads: our produce agents coach workers to cut only those with 15-centimeter wide heads. After cutting the vegetable at the base with the stalk and foliage intact, we put into baskets for pre-cooling. We pre-cool the curds at zero degrees Celsius. The reason is to remove the field heat and transition the vegetable to the cooling post-harvest stage.

We pack Tanzania cauliflower in a trio of formats. The first carton-based package consists of 9 heads that are well-trimmed. The other is made up of a dozen heads that have gone through slight trimming but still have some of the foliage left around the heads. The third consists of 15 heads. These have likewise received minor trimming of the foliage that comes just above the curds.

We maintain the fresh produce boxes, cartons and crates by pre-cooling them at 0 degrees Celsius before putting the produce. The sizes of the boxes are diverse and depend on the number of heads we put inside. The placement of ice on top of each box guarantees about 99 percent of freshness level upon the arrival of the cargo at its destination.

We store Tanzania cauliflower at the base temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. We keep the cargo temporarily in our cold room in polyethylene-lined cartons under cool, dry conditions, away from light. The same rule of the thumb applies when transporting the produce in our refrigerated vehicles to the international airport in Dar-es-Salaam. You will, therefore, expect the cargo to touch down in your city between a day and two depending on your location.

Whether you are looking for the popular hit that is the white variety or any other cultivar of Tanzania cauliflower, you now have a reliable supplier to count on. We source it from family growers who cultivate it in the loamy, fertile soils, under cool weather free of pesticide application. Indeed, our sources have certifications for Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which means that their produce has less than 0.01 percent or the maximum level of chemical residual. We offer the cargo in the exact tonnage as you request through the careful curating of farmers across the nation. You also get our word for very fair prices. Make an order today!

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