Food and Agricultural Produce From Tanzania

Fruits and Vegetables

Tanzania Tomatoes, Tanzania Sweet Onion, Tanzania Squash, Tanzania Spinach, Tanzania Shallot, Tanzania Red Onion, Tanzania Pumpkin, Tanzania Mustard, Tanzania Lettuce, Tanzania Kales, Tanzania Eggplants, Tanzania Cucumber, Tanzania Common Beans, Tanzania Collards, Tanzania Coleworts, Tanzania Cherry Tomatoes, Tanzania Cauliflowers, Tanzania Carrots, Tanzania Cabbages, Tanzania Broccoli, Tanzania Asparagus, Tanzania Amaranth, Tanzania Frozen Vegetables, Tanzania Limes, Tanzania Lemons, Tanzania Watermelons, Tanzania Tangerines, Tanzania Strawberries, Tanzania Raspberries, Tanzania Plums, Tanzania Plantains, Tanzania Pineapples, Tanzania Pears, Tanzania Peaches, Tanzania Passion Fruits, Tanzania Papaya, Tanzania Oranges, Tanzania Mangoes, Tanzania Mandarins, Tanzania Jackfruits, Tanzania Guavas, Tanzania Groundnuts, Tanzania Graviola, Tanzania Grapes, Tanzania Grapefruits, Tanzania Custard Apples, Tanzania Coconuts, Tanzania Blueberries, Tanzania Blackberries, Tanzania Bananas, Tanzania Avocados, Tanzania Apricots, Tanzania Apples,

Processed & Agro Commodities

Tanzania Dried Pineapples, Tanzania Dried Mangoes, Tanzania Coffee, Tanzania Wheat Flour, Tanzania Tomato Juice, Tanzania Sunflower Oil, Tanzania Sugar, Tanzania Soya Beans Oil, Tanzania Sesame Oil, Tanzania Pineapple Juice, Tanzania Palm Oil, Tanzania Orange Juice, Puree & Oil, Tanzania Myrrh Gum, Tanzania Molasses, Tanzania Mango Juice, Tanzania Lemon Oil, Tanzania Honey, Tanzania Grape Juice, Tanzania Fruit Mixtures, Tanzania Flaxseed Oil, Tanzania Cottonseed Oil, Tanzania Corn Oil, Tanzania Coconut Oil, Tanzania Avocado Oil, Tanzania Apple Juice, Tanzania Wool, Tanzania Tea, Tanzania Sugarcane, Tanzania Pyrethrum, Tanzania Cotton, Tanzania Coffee,

Herbs and Spices

Tanzania Green Chili, Tanzania Vanilla, Tanzania Thymes, Tanzania Tarragon, Tanzania Sage, Tanzania Rosemary, Tanzania Patchouli, Tanzania Parsley, Tanzania Mint, Tanzania Leeks, Tanzania Ginger, Tanzania Garlic, Tanzania Fenugreek, Tanzania Fenugreek, Tanzania Cumin, Tanzania Crinum Macowanii, Tanzania Coriander, Tanzania Cloves, Tanzania Cinnamon, Tanzania Chives, Tanzania Chili Peppers, Tanzania Cardamom, Tanzania Capsicum, Tanzania Blue Basil, Tanzania Black Pepper, Tanzania Bitter Melons,


Tanzania Tulips, Tanzania Thistles, Tanzania Statice, Tanzania Roses, Tanzania Orchids, Tanzania Lilies, Tanzania Jasmine, Tanzania Hypericum, Tanzania Hibiscus, Tanzania Heather, Tanzania Hagenia, Tanzania Gypsophila, Tanzania Euphorbia, Tanzania Eucalyptus, Tanzania Chrysanthemum, Tanzania Carnation, Tanzania Goutweed,

Grains and Pulses

Tanzania Snow Peas, Tanzania Snap Beans, Tanzania Pea Bean, Tanzania Kidney Beans, Tanzania Haricot Beans, Tanzania Cowpeas, Tanzania Chickpeas, Tanzania Wheat, Tanzania Sorghum, Tanzania Rice, Tanzania Pearl Millet, Tanzania Maize, Tanzania Finger Millet,

Nuts and Oil Seeds

Tanzania Groundnut Oil, Tanzania Tung Nuts, Tanzania Palm, Tanzania Cashew Nuts,

Fish and Seafood

Tanzania Fish,

Meat and Livestock

Tanzania Veal, Tanzania Pork, Tanzania Mutton, Tanzania Lamb, Tanzania Beef,


Tanzania Yam, Tanzania Taro, Tanzania Tannia, Tanzania Sweet Potato, Tanzania Irish Potatoes, Tanzania Cassava, Tanzania Beetroot,