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We provide Tanzania heather to the local and export markets. We source our fresh raw cut Tanzania heather from family growers in the country.

Tanzania heather (Calluna vulgaris) is a vibrant flower that is available in very showy colors. The slender blossoms always have telltale green foliage around their fringes even in hot weather. They are now quite popular at flower shops although Europeans used to look down upon them in their backyards in the 19th century. As major pickup flowers today, heather’s emblematic white interior that houses the Corolla is as much a commonplace find in weddings as it is at birthday parties. In appearance, the plants mainly bear purplish-pink blooms that emerge from mounds. Every green mound is topped by colored florets whose shades differ from one variety to the other.

Heather comes from the Greek term for ‘something that cleans.’ The Latin equivalent is ‘something common,’ an undercurrent of its growth in abandon in temperate climates. It even does well in sandy grounds where there is a high rate of infertile soil, and yet it comes out as an attractive bloom.

We source Tanzania heather from family growers in the northern regions of Kilimanjaro. Our sources from Moshi and Arusha maintain farmland of less than 2 acres which they maintain via farmyard manure. The family growers keep their farms free of chemical sprays to ensure that the produce reaches your destination in a quality condition.

We pick Tanzania heather when it is at full maturity in two methods. The most popular of these is cutting the stems containing the flower clusters. We then separate the blooms by color to suit the wishes of clients who need them differently. We then bunch each cluster carefully. This is usually made up of at least ten stems apiece.

The other method of harvesting Tanzania jasmine is that of removing the herbal seeds from the flower calyces.  Our brush harvesters provide quick results compared to human hands.  Our seeds are available in 200-gram packets on request.

We sort and grade the flowers based on length and color. Single varieties are graded together especially when they are flushed in a great color and are of the desired size. We cull any discolored, wilted or deformed flowers from the final package.

We pack fresh cut Tanzania heather in bunches that we put inside the horizontal fiberboard boxes. We separate the produce through soft wax papers that preserve the separate heads contact-free. The smallest bundles have ten stems apiece while the largest consist of 30 stems. They come in single colors though we sometimes change this to multiple hues to suit the needs of different clients.

We store Tanzania heather in the temperature range of 0 to 1 degree Celsius, in a cool, dry environment. We keep the sleeve-clad blooms in plastic to ensure that they do not lose any of their freshness.

We transport Tanzania heather in our special trucks at this controlled temperature. The dispatch from the airport in Dar-es-Salaam will usually reach your location in the space of a day or two.

Therefore, you now have a reliable supplier of Tanzania heather straight from the mountainous area to the north. We handle the cut blooms in a phytosanitary condition: for instance, all the snipping tools we use are sterilized before they undergo use. We also ensure that we only source from family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We deliver the produce in the right quantity and at the specified date. Our prices are relatively fair to suit your budget. Make an order today!

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