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We provide high-quality Tanzania hypericum from family growers in Tanzania. We source the fresh raw cut Tanzania hypericum from family growers in the country.

Tanzania hypericum (Hypericum perforatum) is a beautiful flower that is available in multiple colors including the standard yellow, scarlet, white, pink, green and even brown. As its colorful nature suggests, it is a typical feature in celebratory occasions like weddings.  Besides the flowers, the plant also produces berries that have a healing extract. This is part of the reason some people call it St. John’s wort.

In appearance, hypericum is very showy courtesy of its magnificent blooms that open up to a width of 6 centimeters. There are some types however with flourishing leaves that dwarf the otherwise tiny flowers. The petals usually cover the flowers as well as the fruits. The latter is simple berries with curative seeds inside.

The origin of hypericum goes back to tens of centuries back. However, it was not until the Middle-Ages that the plant’s hypericin extract became associated with curative abilities over mental problems. Later on, the Christian tradition gave vein to the belief that the flower acquired some of its red spots after the beheading of John the Baptist.

We source Tanzania hypericum from family growers in various parts of the north of the country. We only deal with sources with an average of 1 to 2 acres of land. This makes it possible to conserve the grounds using farmyard manure. We also ensure that there is little or no use of chemical sprays on the farms.

We have two significant hypericum cultivars to choose from. The first of these is Hypericum Coco. It is a red, green or cream-yellow flower whose crown formation at the top of the plant is a distinguishing feature. Hypericum Smart, on the other hand, is a variety that is characterized by bushy green foliage that bears little purplish-pink or whitish flowers. Both of the two selections have sturdy stems that make for good reinforcement in multiple-flower bouquets.

Our picking timing for Tanzania hypericum takes place when the flowers have fully blossomed, with most of the yellow or white buds either half-open or entirely in bloom. Our workers have three options to make. The first one is to cut the stem including its berries and flowers that make the cut stems look natural. They also can decide to include some of the classic spare leaves surrounding the flowers. They can also only cut the flower head while not bothering with the foliage or berries.

We grade the hypericum by size. The longest stems of up to 70 centimeters rank as the first choice. We also retain mature, strongly colored blossoms. We cull any flower that shows any sign of discoloration, rot or wilting.

We pack Tanzania hypericum in bunches of ten stems per package. There are also larger wholesale bunches of 20 stems at a time. We maintain a stem length of 50 centimeters. However, there are longer selections that reach the 60 or 70-centimeter long mark. We use soft wax wrappers to enclose the flowers in sleeves that then go into the corrugated, flat cartons for delivery. We feature the name of the flower, the net weight and the number of stems per package in the label section.

We store Tanzania hypericum at the temperature of less than 2 degrees Celsius. This gives the flowers a vase life of at least two weeks.  We maintain this temperature right after picking including during the short journey from the farm to the packinghouse.

We transport Tanzania hypericum to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam on the same day of harvesting. The produce comes on refrigerated board trucks whose controlled environment preserves the color and fresh quality of the flowers. The cut blooms will hence reach your destination in a day from the dispatch date.

Therefore, if you would like a flexible-priced shipment of Tanzania hypericum, you now have a reliable partner to count on. We source the produce from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. We also maintain a database of contracted farmers who maintain constant supplies for us to ensure that we meet your tonnage. We have very affordable prices that we tailor to your budget. You can get started by making an order today!

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