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We provide high-quality Tanzania chrysanthemum to the local and international markets. We source our fresh raw cut Tanzania chrysanthemums from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania chrysanthemum (Dendrathema x grandiflorum) is still one of the prime cut blooms in florists’ shops everywhere in the international market. Deservedly, it has a vase life of 21 days. In appearance, the main varieties have a pleasant mixture of purple and pink colors, with purple being dominant. In just six years from 1997 through 2003, the cultivated acreage under mums in Tanzania went up by 658.3 percent.  The production rate also overtook that of the rose to reach 666.3 percent per annum.  The country mostly cultivates the Dalmatia mum, similar to that of Kenya and Ecuador, two other powerhouses of the variety. It thrives well in the regions of Mounts Meru and Kilimanjaro to the north. The flower has been growing under commercial means in this East African nation since 1986.

The chrysanthemum has been known from the ancient times as the ‘golden flower.’ Its stately purple hue even earned recognition by an old Japanese emperor who so cherished it that he made it a part of his seal. Its first point of growth was in China in 1500 B.C. It is one among five hundred species of mums that grow globally in diverse forms.

Tanzania chrysanthemum also comes in diverse varieties. The Dance cultivar, for instance, has the signature purplish-pink color while Wedding Green is bright yellow. The King’s Pleasure is suffused with a golden yellow tinge while White-out has an appealing soft white hue.

We source Tanzania mums from family growers in Arusha and other cool regions of the country. Here, family growers maintain plots of land of less than 2 acres which they conserve under farmyard manure. They also keep their land free of chemical sprays to make their blooms healthy and lushly colored for the international market. They maintain the flowers in a well-nourished manner by the use of farmyard manure.

Our harvesting routine for Tanzania chrysanthemums starts at dawn before the onset of the sun.  Our gloved farmhands look for half-open blooms with a bud diameter of around 3 inches. They also select full bloom ones with a bud width of 4 inches. They follow phytosanitary handling methods including the use of sterilized scissors to diagonally snip the stems.

We maintain the harvest of Tanzania chrysanthemums by dipping the stems in pure water culture with nipped petals throughout the temporary storage. We then grade the blooms by length, size, and color. The most extended blooms with a healthy blush of purple-pink color go into the best grade. We ensure that about a third of all buds are half open, with the rest fully open.

We pack Tanzania chrysanthemums in horizontal, telescopic, fiberboard cartons. The spray mums keep in the cartons in bunches of at least five stems, which we wrap in polythene sleeves. We arrange them in rows in the boxes.  Each package can have 10 or 12 bunches that are either long-stemmed or short-stemmed. They collectively weigh an average of 300 mg per package. We prevent the crashing of the delicate blooms by arranging them in single layers. We separate the bunched stems with wax paper to ensure that the flowers keep fresh and maintain their natural colors.

We store Tanzania chrysanthemums at 0 to 1 degree Celsius in our cold house environment throughout the preparation phase.  The short-width flowers of 3 inches have a vase life of 2 weeks. Those of 4-inch bud diameter stay longer for about 21 days while still fresh.

We transport the mums to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our refrigerated vehicles on the same date as that of packing. You can expect the produce to reach you in the space of the next one or two days depending on your location.

We are therefore your one-stop-shop for Tanzania chrysanthemums that come straight from family growers’ locations in the north of the country. We maintain the harvest under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions to maintain fresh quality. Our quantity parameters strictly match your own as we always encourage our flower growers to cultivate surplus. We also keep the prices extremely low to match your specific needs. Make an order today!

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