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We provide high-quality Tanzania gypsophila to the local and export markets. We source Tanzania gypsophila from family growers in the country.

Tanzania gypsophila (Gypsophilia paniculata) is among the world’s most popular cut flowers that rival the fame of the rose, mum, and carnation. Its Greek derivation, phylios, actually understates ‘loving,’ a term that the English slang for the flower, ‘Baby’s breath,’ reinforces.  Though there are about thirty-five main varieties, the most common gypsophila has attractive, whitish-pink blooms. The most notable physical features include little leaves that sparingly inhabit the long, straight branches. The branches, on the other hand, act as the receptacles of the beautiful flowers which take the shape of cupped hands.

We source Tanzania gypsophila from family growers in Arusha and the surrounding mountainous region. Our sources cultivate the crop under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). They meticulously use safe chemicals in combination with farmyard manure for conserving the crop. They also do away with commercial fertilizers in favor of mulch and cow dung as a natural soil enrichment.

Our harvesting routine for Tanzania gypsophila highly involves where our workers check each plant at a time. Picking begins after ascertaining that about half of the cupped flowers on each plant have opened and spread out. We then keep the cut stems in a starkly different media from other flowers-a drying agent. The reason for drying rather than only cooling is that this flower easily deteriorates from not only heat but excessive moisture.

We recut the gypsophila stems to about 20 or 40 centimeters in length. We then cart them off to the packing zone where they are ready to dispatch while still fresh. However, we may also dry them thoroughly to serve as stuffing for other flowers if you specifically request.

We then sort and grade Tanzania gypsophila based on their healthy characteristics. We only keep flowers with open or half bloom buds. We also check that the flowers are dry but fresh so as not to add unnecessary weight due to wetness. We also ensure that none of the graded flowers has wilted.

We pack about five large flowers of Tanzania gypsophila per single bunch. The smallest ones can fit in terms 25 flowers for every bunch. We also have another packing parameter based on weight: we provide 300 grams of bunched stems per package. Our carrying media are horizontal fiberboard cartons that have soft wax linings between the bunches. We also opt for hampers which are fancy baskets with vase-like storage attributes. Like the cartons, these decorative carrying materials keep the cut flowers inside plastic sleeves to reduce dehydration.

We store the cut blooms of Tanzania gypsophila in a dry environment away from contamination and direct sunlight. We maintain a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. This is uncommon for a flower, but the reason is to keep it dry. We also expedite the drying phase by hanging the cut blooms in an upside down position after dipping them in glycerin and water mixture.

We transport the flower cargo to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam in the same controlled temperatures as in the cold room. Our trucks feature soft pads on their interiors’ floors to act as soft buffers against friction during a bumpy ride. Expect to receive your package in the space of at least one day or two from dispatch.

We are therefore your first choice for all your supplies of Tanzania gypsophila. We curate farmers from all over the country and settle on only those with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. This guarantees the fresh quality of our cut flowers whose harvesting and handling we supervise closely. We provide the cut blooms in the right quantity on the specified date. We also keep the price optimal with your budget. Make an order today!

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