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We provide Tanzania jasmine to the local and export markets. We source the fresh raw cut Tanzania jasmine from family growers in the country.

Tanzania jasmine is one of the few subtropical flowers with a global appeal from its physical beauty and pleasant scent. Native to the Far-east, the flower is characterized by white or yellowish blooms with circular petals full of symmetry. The tropical varieties differ from their temperate counterparts in that each flower bears nine petals rather than 6. The plants serve as a critical source of pollen, explaining why they are always attracting bees. The striking beauty of the flower owes to its rounded appearance close at hand and misleading funnel shape from a distance. The overall winning feature of the bloom is the arresting fragrance.

Tanzania, like the rest of East Africa, has several notable cultivars of jasmine. The most common is Jasmine officianale, in its signature yellow or white blooms.  The country also grows Jasmine nuidflorum or winter jasmine, common in Europe. There is also what many consider the earliest domesticated aromatic flower, formerly common in spiritual rituals, India’s Jasminum sambac ait.

We source Tanzania jasmine from the flower-growing region of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. In this region, family growers cultivate the tree hand-in-hand with lilies and other summer flowers. Our sources own at least 0.5 hectares of land that they efficiently enrich with farmyard manure. They use chemical sprays sparingly to maintain the health of the flowers.

We do our harvesting of Tanzania jasmine in the early morning hours just before the sun rises. This means that the mature flowers will be still in bud as they are only open in the darkness. This also implies that the hidden pistil and corolla inside the buds will be protected against direct sunlight. We cut the flowers with about 20 centimeters of the stems intact and dip them in water for cooling.

The precaution of immersing the cut jasmine helps to perpetuate the moisture intake and biological processes of the flower. For example, the closed buds will be half open at nightfall as their receptors sense the onset of darkness.

We grade Tanzania jasmine regarding size, color, and maturity. We remove any blooms that have signs of discoloration or have wilted. We also remove any unnecessary stalks by trimming them to the necessary size and length.

We pack Tanzania jasmine in telescopic, low-height fiberboard boxes.  We line the boxes’ interiors with aluminium foils to enhance their shelf life during the travel duration. During hot weather harvesting period, we use thermocool boxes with layers of ice to improve the freshness of the produce.  We seal them in a vacuum just before we load them onto trucks bound for the airport.

We store Tanzania jasmine in a cool, dry environment of 0 to 1 degrees Celsius. We maintain the same temperature throughout the delivery phase to the airport courtesy of our refrigerated vans. We ensure the produce reaches your destination with a freshness index of at least 90 percent. This is usually greater than the industry’s standard of 70 percent.  Though it is an expectation that all the blooms should have opened their buds by at least 10.5 percent, we maintain a 50 percent open index. We also keep the flowers cool enough such that they will arrive with their natural colors intact at 88 to 90 percent.

You therefore now have a reliable supplier of one of the choicest fragrant flowers, namely Tanzania jasmine. We source the cut flowers from family growers in Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locations of the country, itself a mark of quality. No matter your quantity stipulations, our quality parameters will always be perfect. Besides, our prices are entirely fair as we tailor them to your budget. Make an order today!

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