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We provide high-quality Tanzania carnation to the local and international market. We source the fresh raw cut Tanzania carnations from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) is one of the most significant-looking of all flower heads regarding largeness.  In appearance, the shrub-like plant grows to produce blooms that are a rich mixture of red and purple for most varieties. It ranks as one of the most aromatic flowers in any garden. It grows best in cool weather of less than 21 degrees Celsius and at elevations of above 2500 meters above sea level. This is why the bloom does well in the Arusha region straddled by Mounts Meru and Kilimanjaro. The flower has been a commercial success next to chrysanthemums and roses for the country since 1986 when the industry first wet large-scale.

Carnations have origins in southern Europe especially the Mediterranean where they have been domesticated for the past two millennia. The first recorded history of the use of the carnation was near the end of 1000 B.C., in Greek poems. The reason for the name may have been the custom of the time to present flower wreaths on the head of would-be kings or emperors. Nowadays, the origin of the word may seem irrelevant as this type of flower appears indiscriminately on any bouquet of mixed blooms due to its large size and long vase life.

We source our Tanzania carnation from the Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro areas, specifically Arusha. We provide our family growers with training on aquaculture and aquaponics. For the farmers who grow their crop in the open fields, we offer them guidelines on responsible chemical use. Our sources usually have plots of land of less than 2 acres. Here they grow the blooms under well-rotten cow dung manure for soil enrichment.

We harvest Tanzania carnations when the buds are just about to open and reveal the red-to-purple blooms underneath. We check for buds that are either half open in a diagonal design or those with fully open buds. For the half-open ones, we ensure quality by having at least ¼ of the entire petal width being ajar. The picking process occurs at dawn before the sun is up: at midmorning, our trained workers rest their cutting snippers and scissors to collect the flowers that they put on wire mesh. These go into baskets and hence to the packinghouse for grading and packing.

We grade Tanzania carnation by aroma, size and the length of the stem. We usually have flowers with a distinctive smell which we put into the first grade.  We then bunch at least 30 flowers into a single cluster, which we call a bunch.  Each of these bunches has about a fourth of its blooms fully open while the rest are in half bloom.

We then proceed to pack the plastic sleeve-enclosed Tanzania carnations in fiberboard cartons carefully. We do the packing in a single-layered formation in the horizontal, telescopic and low-height cartons to avoid crushing. We keep the bunches in rows inside the boxes for preservation.  We also keep a buffer zone between the bunches with soft wax paper to maintain the blooms friction-free.

We store Tanzania carnations at the temperature range of 0 to 1 degree Celsius. We maintain the cut flowers dipped in water culture to ensure that they do not lose their freshness. We give the 0-degree or lower threshold to the fully open blooms as these have a shorter vase life than the half-open ones. While the previous stay at most 30 days, the latter keep for one month and seven days fresh.

We transport Tanzania carnations to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our special flower delivery vans with hydro-cooled interiors. Expect the package to reach your destination in the space of a day if you are in the Middle-East and 24 to 48 hours in other parts of the globe.

In short, if your desire is for expeditious delivery of Tanzania carnations, you now have the right source from which to get them. We obtain the blooms from family growers who grow them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We maintain phytosanitary conditions during the handling of the blossoms to avoid contamination: our gloved florists cut the stems using sterilized knives to make them presentable. You can expect us to deliver the cargo in a fresh condition right on time and in the right quantity. Besides, we keep the prices extremely low. This is why you should make an order today!

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