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We provide high-quality Tanzania thistles to the local and export markets. We source the fresh raw cut Tanzania thistles from family growers in the country.

A member of the family Asteraceae, Tanzania thistle has some of the most protective traits of any flower. It has thorns around the margins of the flowers which keep off herbivores from grazing on it.  Just like its prickly exterior relations like cactus and dandelion, it does well even in the dry regions of the country.  Its spray flowers are tinted an attractive purple.  Its other uses include the making of herbal medicine from the flowers’ seeds.

Thistle has a very interesting history, mostly for its herbal uses. For instance during the Middle Ages, some physicians, then known as ‘barbers’ thought it could cure the raging bubonic plague/black death.  It was also a hair recovery remedy.

We source Tanzania thistle from Moshi and Arusha, two major flower-growing areas of the country. The plant grows lushly in its thorny protective crowns surrounded by anti-erosion African grass. Our family sources cultivate no more than 2 acres of land which they enrich with farmyard manure. They reduce reliance on chemical sprays on keeping their flowers glossy and healthy.

We pick Tanzania thistle after wearing gloves and other PPE to protect against the prickly exterior. Though farmers may pick the tender flowers for eating, on our part, we wait until they are mature with the spray flowers spread out in purple. The starfish-shaped prickly leaves are at this time flattened around the center-placed blooms. We use garden scissors to snip them diagonally at the base where the stem meets the thorny branch.

We trim the harvest by removing any unnecessary leaves that may come in the way of packing. Our workers then recut the stems at an angle to allow in the ingestion of water. The dipped stalks then are now ready for grading. We separate the steel blue thistles from their cousins in purple ‘reign’ for separate packing. Sometimes we also mingle them to add in some attraction if you ask in your order. We look for sizable blooms that can feature in about 10 or 15 pieces per bunch.

We pack Tanzania thistles in cut flower form after bunching them into five pieces per package. Each bloom has about 25 seeds for bouquet display or thistle milk processing. We keep the blue or purple sprays in flat fiberboard boxes after wrapping each bunch in polyurethane film.

We store Tanzania thistle in the temperature maximum of 1 degree Celsius. This cool range gives the plants a vase life of at least two weeks. The average display vase life of the flowers, however, is about 10 or 12 days.

Our transportation of Tanzania thistle to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam takes place on the same day after harvesting. Courtesy of our refrigerated trucks, the produce reaches your destination while still fresh and full-colored. Indeed, it loses less than 10 percent of its original hue. You can expect the shipment to reach your city in a day or two from dispatch.

Now that you have a reliable supplier of freshly cut Tanzania thistles, you no longer have to wait in vain for your deliveries. We are committed to supervising the growth timeline of the produce and the harvesting phase to maintain quality and timely shipments. Besides, our Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers follow strict organic cultivation. We always have surplus during the high season to meet the quantity needs of our growers. Our prices, too, are meager. This is why you should make an order today!

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