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We provide high-quality Tanzania hagenia to the local and export markets. We source the fresh raw cut Tanzania hagenia from family growers in the country.

Tanzania hagenia (Hagenia abyssnica) as the name suggests is native to the nearby country of Ethiopia. It is a tall, flowering tree that can attain a height of 20 meters in its best habitat.  This is why it is possible to find it in the mountains of the northern region of Tanzania. In appearance, the tree comes with leaf clusters that bunch around the stem. These hide small flowers that number up to 13 for every stem bunch. The flowers measure a length of 10 centimeters from the base to the apex of the bud. The most common color is red with hints of pink, but other types feature a pale orange color.

The origin of hagenia was Ethiopia where the plant served as a natural de-worming remedy. It became so essential that by 1900, drugs were incorporating it as an ingredient. Interestingly, people who took it used it as an excuse for skipping work on the particular day they began to use it.

We source Tanzania hagenia from family growers in Arusha and the surrounding regions. The farmers usually grow the crop singly or intercrop it with lilies and other summer blooms. They keep a land extent of no more than 2 acres. They maintain the fields with farmyard manure and restrict themselves from excessive use of chemical sprays.

After harvesting Tanzania hagenia, we prepare to process it using modern means for its seeds.  We start by drying the flowers so that the pistils can be ready to grind into fine herbal powder. We only use female pistils for processing. We, first of all, cull them from the male pollen before grinding starts. Every kilogram of the powder is constituted of about four thousand little seeds from the female part of the flower.

We pack Tanzania hagenia in two forms: fresh flowers and processed powder. With the raw flowers, we skip the drying part but wrap the seed, stem, and bud in plastic sleeves. Each wrapping material can contain a bunch of at least five stems.  We then pack the bundles in flat fiberboard cartons.

The packing of hagenia seed powder, on the other hand, takes place after the sorting and grinding processes are over. We use sachets to pack the basic 8 to 16 grams of the powder. We also have 35-gram sachets that are quite roomy. We also have vacuum-sealed hermetic containers whose primary use is to control the temperature.

Our storage parameters for Tanzania hagenia starts right after we have brought the produce from the packing shed. We maintain a temperature range of 0 to 1 degree Celsius to preserve the fresh and colorful nature of the cut flowers.  For the seed powder, we use airtight hermetic containers and sachets which we keep under similar stipulations.

We transport Tanzania hagenia by our special trucks that are fitted with a modified interior environment. We deliver the fresh cargo to Julius Nyerere International Airport expeditiously to buy time for the next cargo flight. You can expect the packages to make it to your destination in the space of a day or two after the dispatch date.

This is when it is most advisable to make an order for Tanzania hagenia.  We only liaise with family growers who have passed Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) requirements. Besides the quality premise, we also adhere to the specific quantity of cut stems that you request.  We have the best prices in the region. You can get started by making an order today!

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