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We provide high-quality Tanzania lilies to the local and international markets. We source Tanzania lilies from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania lily (Lilium candidum) is a large-family flower that produces white flowers that sprout from a sheath that shoots from a bulb.  Its flower has distinctive yellow pollen on top. These showy, huge blooms also come in other colors ranging from red, purple and yellow to pink and cream. Though with an origin in the cool climate of Europe, they now grow quite well in the mountains area of northern Tanzania.

Unlike other bulbous plants such as onions which emit a pungent odor, Tanzania lily is pleasant smelling. Its characteristic bulb clings shallowly slightly above the surface of the soil for aeration. It uses aerial roots on the stem to find a firm hold on the ground.

We source Tanzania lilies from the Arusha region where other temperate flowers like mums and carnations also grow. Our sources give careful attention to the blooms by maintaining them on small, 0.5-hectare pieces of land which are easy to manage. They use farmyard manure to preserve the fertility of the soil but abstain from excessive use of harmful chemicals. The flowers grow in this part of the country during the rainy season when the temperatures are low.

We harvest Tanzania lilies when the buds are just sufficiently open to show the spadix. This refers to the cluster of tiny florets that hide deep in the buds. Our highly trained workers, first of all, sever the entire sheath from the bulb. This false stem usually undergoes re-cutting and resizing to the desired dimensions. The diagonal slash on the stem helps open up the pores of the flower to water intake after the team half-immerses it in water for cooling.

We sort the flowers by size, color, and healthy appearance. We remove any discolored or accidentally injured blooms away from the rest to reduce contamination.  The rest of the flowers go into the packing shed to make bunches.

We pack Tanzania lilies in sleeves of ten to twelve stems per bunch. We, first of all, wrap them in plastic sleeves that protect them against crushing and dehydration. We keep these in flat, horizontal fiberboard cartons. Each bunch has a soft wax paper border from its neighbor to prevent contact and maintain the stems’ natural colors.

Our other receptacles for lilies include hampers. The basket-like vases are perfect for bringing the flowers to the market as they have similar traits as the bouquets. They also keep the heads separate and free of contact with one another. We label the flowers as ‘the produce of Tanzania’ and add such details as the name/cultivar, the number/size of stems and the vase life.

We store Tanzania lilies in a cool, dry environment half-immersed in a water solution. We keep the temperatures between 0 and 1 degree Celsius, to keep the cut blooms fresh, scented and colorful. Gravity causes the flowers to bend soon after harvesting, a condition that our immediate cooling mechanism prevents.

We transport the blooms under the same temperature of below 1 degree Celsius to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam via our refrigerated vans. The expeditious delivery ensures that you will be able to receive the cargo in a day.

We are therefore well-equipped and adequately supplied with fresh cut Tanzania lilies to cater for your upcoming bouquet needs. We source the raw blooms from designate family growers who have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. All our sources maintain a stable supply at least once a year, which guarantees that we meet your specific quantity. You can begin by sampling our very pocket-friendly prices. Go right ahead and make an order today!

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