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We provide high-quality Tanzania statice to the local and international markets. We source Tanzania statice from family growers in the country.

Tanzania statice (Limonium sinuatum L.) refers to the most common member of a large flowering family plant that doubles as a commercial flower. This particular subspecies emanates from the genus Plumbaginaceae, a group of flowers that bear the names statice or limonium. In appearance, the flower blooms into tiny clusters (rosettes) of purple, jacaranda-like florets with white or pink highlights on broad-leafed plants. One of the most common in Tanzania is Statice Fortress, a primary summer flower in spatula design when in bloom. It does well in sunny locales where there is good drainage, and the soils are sandy, but the climate is mostly cool. Though these blooms easily mix with other floral bouquets, their most common use is as a part of multiple-flower bouquets when they are dry.

We source Tanzania statice from family growers in the mountainous hinterland of Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru to the north. Here, family growers cultivate limonium in small patches of land of at least two acres. They maintain them free of chemical sprays and keep off commercial fertilizers in favor of farmyard manure.

We harvest Tanzania statice at dawn before the onset of the sun. This makes it possible to meet all the coolness requirements.  The plucking itself is an exceptional job only for well-trained workers: they look for flowers that are fully open, but their buds are still in their late closed timelines. This means that though the petals are wide open, the senesces or little bright florets inside the buds are still closed but soon to open.  The workers pick the stems by hand before re-cutting them to the desired sizes at the grading chamber.

We grade Tanzania statice by the length and width of the bud, such that the largest go into a separate bunch from the rest. We also look for a healthy blush of color, a sturdy stem, and a fully opened flower. We keep the stems half immersed in water after removal of any foliage beneath the watermark to prevent stem rot.

Our packing routine for Tanzania statice begins on the same day of harvesting. We use flat, low-height, horizontal and telescopic-design fiberboard cartons for packing the flowers. Because the stems are relatively small, we can bunch them for up to 25 flower heads per bundle. We wrap these in a soft plastic paper before arranging them in rows inside the boxes. We separate each cluster from the other by the use of soft wax paper. This prevents the formation of rot or close contact that may degrade the color of the blooms. We finalize the process by attaching the produce labels. This is inclusive of the packing date, the name of the flower and the net weight/ number of stems, next to the label, ‘Produce of Tanzania.’

We store Tanzania statice at the thawing temperature of 0 degrees Celsius and below 1 degree Celsius. We maintain the dryness of the produce to prevent the blackening or discoloring of the petals.  Even if the cut flowers have a vase life of 14 days under these optimal post-harvest processes, we always circulate them with air to maintain their freshness. Indeed, as soon as the cargo arrives at your destination, it is only proper to keep it out of the boxes to give it natural aeration and thus extend its display life.

We transport the blooms in the same temperature range as that of the cold room. Our delivery by refrigerated vehicles to Julius Nyerere International Airport ensures that the hydro-cooled produce reaches your destination with more than 90% of its harvest-time color intact. You can expect the shipload at your city in the space of a day or two after dispatch.

Therefore, if you would like to avail one of the most popular multiple-flower inclusions in any bouquet, then you need to avail our Tanzania statice. The flower comes from family growers with a good history of responsible agriculture. They maintain their land under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) which keeps their flowers in exceptionally fresh quality. You can avail our blooms either fresh cut or in the popular dry form. We stock sufficient quantities by keeping in touch with family growers who provide the blooms in surplus. We also maintain very seemly prices that do not break the bank. Make your order today!

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