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We provide Tanzania eucalyptus to the local and export markets. We source the fresh raw cut Tanzania eucalyptus from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania eucalyptus is a flower from the tallest flowering plant in the world. Though known for its timber production capacity, this world-beating tree is a source of red, blue, white, cream and yellow-colored flowers. Together with the leaves and branches, the flowers emit a strong fragrance.  The flower has a standing out cupped design that makes it as good a candidate to harvest as its timber or herbal bark. The distinguishing aspect about the country’s eucalyptus is that it has since become exotic here and each tree is inherited down the generations of families who take care of it.

The word, ‘eucalyptus’ is from the Greek language. It describes something that is covered well. The use of the term may owe to the shell that protects the flowers in a cup-like manner. The adaptation limits of the tree do not end only at the flower formation level as its tap root is also distinctive for burrowing deep down in search of moisture. This has made this native of Australia one of the most invasive species in the globe. It is now as easy to find in Tanzania as it is in any other part of the world.

The use of Tanzania eucalyptus flowers extends to the twigs as well. The branches serve as perfect wreaths for other flowers due to their bendable and aromatic qualities. To enhance the bending attribute, users dip the branches into the water for days on end. After the soaking, they then go on to hang dry. This time they become quite elastic and ready to use in making wreaths.

We source Tanzania eucalyptus from family growers in the north of the country. They cultivate them under farmyard manure and free of chemical sprays. They have an acreage that does not exceed 2 acres. They also grow mainly the Baby Blue variety which is a popular source of the flowers.

We harvest Tanzania eucalyptus when it has attained maturity.  Our team employs ladders to scale the tall trees to reach the flower-bearing branches. They cut the flowers with their stalks attached after severing them from the twigs. Each cut piece is made up of a handling stalk and a tiny top of a cluster of flowers in the design of bottlebrush.

We pack fresh cut Tanzania eucalyptus in fiberboard cartons regarding two stems for each box. This is especially true of the Baby Blue variety. We wrap each stem in a preservative plastic sleeve so that it will reach your destination in an entirely fresh and healthy colored condition. The sleeves also keep the signature fragrance of the flowers intact.

We store Tanzania eucalyptus in mildly warm conditions just below the room temperature, at 16 degrees Celsius. We feature both the flowers and the wreathing branches.

We also maintain the same temperature range during the transportation phase to Dar-es-Salaam. The expeditious delivery of the cargo ensures that the flowers will reach your destination in a day or two after dispatch.

Therefore, if you are in search of an aromatic floral experience, then you need to have Tanzania eucalyptus from us. In case you are after color, then we have an array of choices including the typical blue, the signature red, the happy pink or the warm yellow. We also include stems of the tree as wreathing or stuffing material at their glossiest green tinge.  We treat each branch in a glycerin solution to kill any microbes so that it reaches you in an uncontaminated condition. On top of that, availing these Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-grown tree flowers in the right quantity will add to the overall completeness. Our prices are quite pocket-friendly and are the flipside of your budget. Make an order today.

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