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We provide high-quality Tanzania orchids to the local and international markets. We source the produce from family growers in Tanzania.

Tanzania orchid (principally Orchidaciae cattleya and O. cymbidium) is a part of an extensive group of flowering plants that double as ornamental and seed-bearing plants. They have a common but distinct flower with a bisymmetrical formation. This means that each half is the equal of its other half. Some varieties bear purple flowers that are also bisymmetrical. There are about eight thousand species in the family of orchids, most of which sprout from bulbs.  This is also true of the three common exported varieties, namely cattleya, cumbidium, and Vanilla. The rest of these flowering plants thrive in the wild.

We source Tanzania orchids from the mountainous regions of the north that provide the optimal elevations of between 1500 and 2600 meters.  We only make contact with family growers with an average of 0.5 hectares under this crop. We ensure that our sources use a combination of aquaculture and traditional agriculture or any of the two via organic means. We guide them on the responsible use of chemical sprays and reliance on farmyard manure for soil enrichment.

We undertake a closely monitored harvest of Tanzania orchids. We make sure that our trained workers do not displace pollen which if dislodged from the flower reduces the bloom’s shelf life.  We only go for blossoms whose buds are fully open at least half a week before plucking them.  This is a precaution that ensures that each bloom is well set and is mature before it is picked.

Our harvesting team of Tanzania orchids uses sterilized sharp razors to ensure just one sharp cut of the spikes.  The crew immediately dips the cut flower into distilled, cool water to maintain its fresh bloom even as the other stems join it in the dipping corsage. Our dawn harvest usually ends at mid-morning just before the sun becomes hot. The flowers then immediately go to the sorting bay.

Sorting essentially involves separating the blooms by quality and size parameters into grades. The best-graded blooms consist of spikes that bear many flowers, at least two of which are open while the rest are in bud. The second grade is usually an outcome of high demand: this includes flowers with less than half the standard stem size as clients are ready to purchase them due to the shortage.

We pack Tanzania orchids of diverse species in single stems. This is because these thin stems are prone to breakage if bunched. We also retain the flowers in their long spikes that we arrange singly and horizontally on the floor of the fiberboard box.  Each spike with its tiny flower head undergoes wrapping in a shredded paper that separates it from its neighbor. This precaution prevents damage inside the carton.

Our orchids from Tanzania come in twelve pieces per carton. We also have allowances for twenty-four pieces for the larger packages.  Every one of these horizontal cartons has spike holes where the stems enter together with their attached water vials or tubes for transit hydration. We touch off the packing process by including the details of size, the number of stems and the country of origin.

We store Tanzania orchids at the temperature range of 0 to 12.5 degrees Celsius. Because of their adaptability, the flowers can do well in this wide storage temperature range.  These flowers also easily sustain under chilling conditions and are therefore possible to keep at less than 1 degree Celsius.

We transport the orchids in our hydro-cooled vehicles for immediate relay to the airport in Dar-es-Salaam. Because of this cooling conveyance, the blooms arrive at the airport without wilting. We provide soft landing points beneath the cargo to ensure that it is free of friction during a bumpy ride.

Therefore, if you are yearning for any of the three dominant species of Tanzania orchids at their healthiest, then you have got our backing. We source the flowers from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the country’s north. You can avail the produce in the right quantity right from family growers at the height of the season. Our quite affordable price parameters also precisely match your needs. Make your order today!



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